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Top Tips For Making Your First Music Video

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What To Expect When Making A Music Video?

Sometimes as a developing artist you don’t have any clear ideas of your visual representation, or how this could come to life. The pre-production preparation could be useful in many ways, to clarify or develop any further ideas regarding music, lyrics and even the artist’s image to ensure great music video promotion.

Pre-production Process

The pre-production process can be a lengthy process, however is very crucial and useful for any future projects. I will recommend you write out the lyrics of the song and just describe the emotion on each line; how do you feel when singing/performing it, what do you imagine (ONLY EMOTION RELATED).

EXAMPLE – Ariana Grande – Leave me lonely

Dangerous love, you’re no good for me, darling – ( Fear )

Yeah, you turn me away – ( Betrayal )

Once you have completed this- try to narrow down the main feelings/energy throughout the whole song for e.g. ( Verse- love, Pre-chorus- passion, Chorus- excited etc. )

This will clarify the specific details such as visual representation such as clothes, makeup and location that may be different from what you originally thought.

Sometimes the song can have a melancholic feel dominating minor chords but singing about someone you love – so the image can be completely opposite from the lyrics.


Directly discussing the ideas with the person you will collaborate with is beneficial as sometimes talking on the phone/Skype etc. things can be misunderstood. Be open about the emotions you are feeling towards the song and what you want to achieve. Always ask for a second opinion – you don’t want to create something that has already been done a zillion times. The filmmaker then should create a mood board and a storyboard, giving clear directions throughout the shooting process as well as visualising different shots and locations .

Mood Board

Often this might not be done on a professional program but just a pen and paper. Bear in mind that this will demonstrate the videomaker’s skills and ambition to do its best.


Once the storyline is done, think of good locations, within the area you are living in. Some locations require video licensing that it is crucial (such as London) – so be aware of that!

Don’t worry if you can’t shoot in a big city or your genre doesn’t fit in it. Go for something unique and be creative. Locations are also very important as they can uplift the whole atmosphere around the video.

In addition to that locations dominate various colours which can match the lyrics or the energy of the song. Always relate the emotions to the image, as this won’t alienate the audience. As an artist it is important to know what clothes and makeup can represent you the most. Most of us dress up quite unique, others stick to the fashion. You want to stand out from all the artists in the industry -makeup bright or natural? Experiment you never know what suits you best.

 Alexandra Road Estate (London)

Hackney Wick (London)

Shooting Time!

Be confident, talk to the camera with your eyes and body language, don’t be shy to perform. Positive thinking and taking good directions from the cameraman can also help you with your further stage presence and communicational skills. You do not know how to act? Then it might be a good idea to gather friends with good acting skills and create a storyline involving them. As an artist sometimes visual representations can be brought by someone else – but HOW? Take an example from SIA – a great artist with different face. Someone who earns millions by just not showing to the audience, this might suit your genre, style and music.

Where Can I find Someone To Shoot My Video?

Here at Мusic Gateway you can create your own project from which you can find the right videographer who would be able to shoot your video. Being able to accept, decline and review the previous work and experience of the people who have pitched on your project makes it easier and faster to find the right person.


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