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The Best Backline Rental Companies In The USA

Photograph of the blog post author, Music Gateway Team

Music Gateway Team


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If you are looking for backline rental companies then you have come to the right place. We all love to cherish stage performances but we never tried to realize the importance of backline support behind the stage. Having professional backline equipment is key to getting gigs and providing good performance.

We go from venue to venue trekking across the US and the world on tour, but so does all your gear…

Backline rental

So, what is Backline Rental?

The backline is a popular contemporary term used to define music, audio amplification and sound reinforcement equipment, and DJ gear for bands, artists and performers behind the stage.

Back lines are placed behind the band or the rhythm section on stage. It includes several kinds of electronic amplifiers for guitars, speaker enclosures, bass guitars and electronic keyboards

Technicians provide mechanical provision and support for live musical concerts, depending on the musicians and what type of event is going to be held there

In the USA numerous backline service providers in the market, we’ve shortlisted a few of the best backline rentals based in the USA according to their services, price packages and value for money.

1. Showtime Sound LLC

Backline Rental

They are located in Frederick, Maryland and provides a full range of all type’s musical instruments for any magnitude and intensity of event or venue.

Services, Team and Customer Feedback

Up to date and the well-managed team makes them exclusive among others. Production integration is their unique selling point and makes them eminent among others. backline inventory for starters is the best option for the small production traveller. 

They also offer pre-booking discounts and other discounts depending on your event type.  

Customers trust them as a synonym for quality and provide positive feedback about them. Although they are perfect by all means some pros/cons are listed below


  • They can deliver quality backline services even for huge events.
  • They have a team that specializes in all kinds of production integration.


  • Sometimes it gets tough to book them due to their busy schedules or due to pre-bookings.

2. Bailey Brothers Back-Line Rentals

Backline Rental

Bailey Brothers have been delivering proficient backline rental paraphernalia for musical sets and concerts dating back to the mid-80s.

You can visit them at 4673 Highway 280 East STE 7, Birmingham, and viability timings vary from day to day. Monday to Friday you can visit them from 10:00 am – 8:00 pm while Saturday and Sunday are 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Services, Team and Customer Feedback

Their team and artist have provided services worldwide. They provided world-class services and gear from the Alabama Symphony Orchestra to travelling acts such as Charlie Wilson. 

Their services include arrangement, delivery, and a strong system of equipment for events and concerts. They verify equipment needs, specific routing requirements, equipment hook up and any artist-specific demands for the specific instrument. In short, they can manage according to the event or any artist’s demand. 

They are a better option for DIY bands or single-star stage performances although they can manage mega-events too.

How to Contact Them for Prices and Bookings?

They offer competitive pricing according to days, brand and availability of the instrument. For example, Keyboard per day rent varies between $100 to $250 according to brand whereas Guitar Amplifiers rent wavers between $50 to $150 per day. 

Additional charges are applied for additional instruments. You can check complete prices according to your demand for instruments and brands on their website. 


  • Very professional team with up-to-date rental instruments
  • Very clear pricing information regarding each and every rental instrument is available on their website.


  • They make sure their availability is the only basis on a cash deposit or a contract.
  • They only offer Discounts for weekly and monthly extended trip rentals. 

3. Studio Instrument Rentals (Sir)

Stage Set and Rigging

They are providing excellent services in four major cities Chicago (2835 North Kedzie Avenue), Dallas (150 Express St), Las Vegas (4545 Cameron Street, Building A) and Los Angeles (6465 Sunset Boulevard).

In 1967 Ken-Barrey, and R. Dolph started their business by renting a bass guitar to a recording session in Hollywood. 

This was the opportunity for them to open a store in Los Angeles. They are the largest and oldest Studio Instrument rental providers in the USA. 

They are famous as the best-equipped, and most respected backline, audio and rehearsal support service in America.

Services, Team and customer feedback

They have an experienced and devoted team. They provide three kinds of specified services, backline rentals, studio, and production services. 

Their fully equipped and furnished studios are situated in Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, New York, Nashville and San Francisco. 

They have all popular brands of amplifiers, keyboards, pianos, drums, guitars and DJ setups for backline rentals. They are most suitable for DIY projects, for recordings and for mega-events too.

Customers have provided great feedback about their services and backline.

How to Contact Them for Prices and Bookings?

For pricing inquiries and booking details, you have to contact their coordination team or you have to fill customer form available on their website. 


  • They provide well-experienced backline rentals and production services.
  • Oldest music rentals in the town


  • They can be a bit expensive for low-budget customers or shows

4. Onstage Systems Rentals

Band performs on stage

They are located at Forney Rd in Dallas. Forty years ago, Vickie and Charles Belcher initiated their small business by renting backline instruments to artists. 

In 1978, Onstage Systems started its journey from a small warehouse with trivial resources in Dallas.

Team, Services and feedback

They have a well-equipped, experienced and moreover dedicated team due to their family-like culture. 

They provide excellent services for corporate events, tours, festivals trade shows and worship events. In short, they call themselves event specialists by claiming their genetic makeup. In my opinion, they are the best choice for mega-events and gigs with professional services.

How to Contact Them for Prices and Bookings?

You can contact them via email, phone call or fax for pricing inquiries. You can avail of services or ask for service charges by filling a customer form on their website. 


  • They are the superlative option for large production events
  • Special effects and lightening for megaevents is an additional feature


  • pricing and service charge details are not mentioned on the website

5. Pyramid Backline Rentals

Stage Rig

They are situated at 13040 Moore Street Cerritos, California. they are well known as a professional provider of quality backline instruments and services in southern California.

Services, Team and Customer Feedback

They have a bunch of technical experts, mechanics and musical gear handlers. Their aim is to provide both superior customer experience and quality backline supplies to customers.

Complete list of all back-line instruments with their brands and model available on the official website. 

They keep updating their instrumental list with the passage of time for customer convenience. Catering to small or even big events is something they can do too. If you need one little guitar or keyboard for a day or a few hours, or a full backline range for a musical tour, rehearsal, or recording session, they will accommodate you.

They have numerous loyal customers around California. People like them for their quality service and intact delivery of backline instruments.

How to Contact Them for Prices and Bookings?

For pricing inquiries, you have to make a call or email them. Phone numbers and email addresses are present on their website.


  • They have their own cargo service for delivering musical gear intact
  • Prompt and punctual services around South California


  • Details of rent and service charges are not mentioned on the website.

Our Final Thoughts on Backline Rental


No doubt all the above-listed companies are superlative by all means of services. 

We have provided a detailed review of the best Backline rentals of the USA in terms of price and services. 

Now it is a hassle-free way for you to choose according to your need, demand and budget. You can hire them for the whole event or even take a single instrument on rent from them for DIY projects.


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