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How To Build A Fanbase As A Musician

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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Have you always wondered how people get such a devoted fanbase, whether that be in real life or on social media? What makes them have so many followers and what do you need to tick off the list to build a fanbase as an artist?  In this article, we will give you the lowdown on everything you need to do to build a fanbase so you can grow as an artist and play to packed out arenas just like the Rolling Stones or Ed Sheeran. It is possible so keep reading for our advice. 

How Important Is A Fanbase?

As a musician, your fans are going to be what make you successful as an artist. They will define how popular you are in the music industry and how your music is sold. If they remain true to you as an artist, they will be with you for a very long time and that is a truly golden thing for a musician. As we have seen in the past, if a band is liked by the public and their music really sells, they become a massive hit on the music scene. Take The Spice Girls, The Beatles, Harry Styles as prime examples of what your fans can do for you. They can take your music career to stratospheric levels and you have to be able to maintain this, keep them interested. You want to share your music with the world, people who appreciate it, so really listen to them and deliver what you know are good at, for them – making music. They will be the ones streaming your music, buying all your merchandise and sharing your music whether that be word of mouth or via social media. So start out on the best part of your music career, but remember it takes time. 

How To Build A Fanbase On Social Media?

Who Are Your Audience? 

Who are your demographic that you are going to reach, whether that be young or old, but you need to decipher who they are and be specific. However, there are some bands who luckily are loved by most ages. Coldplay or Queen come to mind. The audience will depend on the type of music you play, and where you play as well. Where you play and who has played at them will give you an idea of who your audience will likely be. 

Are they going to be more tech savvy or respond better to a more traditional way of promotion when you reach out to them? 


Being authentic in terms of style and personality will work in your favour if you want to build a fanbase as an artist, as they will pick up on this from the get go. Who you are as a person is how they are going to be able to connect with you and you want to ensure that your presence is genuine. Fans want someone who they can relate to now and if you are too far removed from your followers and share something they would never be able to attain, then they will grow uninterested. Of course, not everybody can have the life of a Rolling Stone, but people see them as genuine people, and will continue to play their music because they like the vibe of the band. And of course the music is like no other, so that’s the perfect combo right there. You have to have a relatable persona and create epic music. It doesn’t sound too hard right? 

Social Media Presence

So how do you reach out to the public and announce your new music, share news you ask? Social media is a very current way to promote your music and is used by any creative – it is not just limited to the music industry – and if you want to have a successful career, there must be some public promotion and marketing taking place for you as an artist. It is that simple. Create content – your music – that you can share with your followers and retain a public persona that they can relate to and you will establish a long standing connection to your fanbase. This may include sharing new music videos, bringing in new potential fans you didn’t know you had before. Increasing your social media presence nowadays can be very creative and you must be available. 


I would suggest creating a website with links to your social media platform. This can include your touring dates, band photos, album covers, merchandise to buy and if you have time, you could even include a newsletter which your fans can read. It is easy to set up a mailing list whereby your fans can be updated on all your news. You can really start building a relationship with your loyal fans. 

Perform Live

Performing live and playing music which fans are going to love is an important way to connect and build that fanbase. One of the reasons you chose this career is to perform your music and the best way to do this is to get up on stage and play for your adoring fans. Now, this may take a little while if you are starting out, but if you have identified who your audience is and you as a band or solo artist know your music and who you are, you have a great foundation. There may be nights when you have a smaller audience but if you love playing, you will do it anyway, and pretend you are playing to thousands. This industry can be competitive and not always kind, but if your passion is strong and you are talented, people will listen to your music and you will grow your fanbase. 

Collaborate With Other Artists

Are there other musicians who play similar music to yours that you can collaborate with? Can you find a local venue that you can play at or maybe you can even record a video of you both playing together and then you can share this on your social media platforms. The more exposure you have in the public eye the better. You must have the desire to share your talent with people and you will learn from others in circles similar to you. 

Share Your Music On Streaming Platforms

Now of course this sounds so obvious, but you need to make sure your music is heard on the digital streaming platforms that are available. There are plenty of them and whether it be Spotify, Tidal, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora or Deezer, publishing  your music on streaming platforms is essential. Music publishers can help you with regards to the  business of song copyrights and make your work available for public consumption. You need them to be able to license the copyrighted use of a particular musical work. They will also aid you in terms of royalties made by the total streams of your music. 

Music publishers are responsible for administrative duties, exploitation of copyrights, and collection of monies generated from the exploitation of those copyrights which are publishing royalties. There is also creative staff at publishing companies to help find and sign new songwriters and work with artists to improve their songs

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully now you have a clearer idea of how to build a fanbase for your music and maintain the longevity of this. Play wherever and whenever you can, and don’t forget to apply to music festivals. All of this can build exposure and build your fanbase. Keep going as it takes time, but once you have found your loyal fans and developed your relationship with them, then there is nothing more rewarding than that!


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