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Music Industry

Hyperpop Drum Loops Review

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Music Gateway Team


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This article review will explore the Hyperpop Drum Loops download, a collection of high-quality drum loops for producers and musicians. The download features a wide range of styles and genres, from classic four-on-the-floor beats to complex, experimental rhythms

We will discuss the features of the download, the sound quality, and the overall value of the product. We will also provide our opinion on the download, giving our readers an honest assessment of whether or not they should invest in it.

Hyperpop Drum Loop features

The Hyperpop Drum Loops download features a collection of over 1,000 drum loops in a variety of genres, including hip-hop, trap, EDM, and more. These loops are designed to provide producers with a wide range of sounds to work with, from classic to modern, and from organic to electronic.

The loops are available in both WAV and MIDI formats, which allows for maximum flexibility when creating beats. Additionally, the loops are organized into folders by genre and tempo, making it easy to find the perfect loop for your project.

Is the sound quality any good?

Yes, the sound quality is excellent. The loops are recorded in 24-bit/44.1 kHz audio quality, providing a clear and crisp sound. Each loop is designed to provide a unique sound, with a wide range of tempos and styles. The loops are also designed to be easily manipulated and edited, allowing producers to create their own unique sound.

How to download

The Hyperpop Drum Loops can be downloaded from the Splice Sounds website. To download the loops, simply create a Splice account and then search for “Hyperpop Drum Loops” in the search bar. Once you find the loops, click the “Add To Cart” button and then follow the checkout process. Once the purchase is complete, you can download the loops directly from the Splice website.


The Hyperpop Drum Loops download is a great value for producers looking to add a unique and modern sound to their music. The loops are high-quality and versatile, making them suitable for a variety of genres. The download includes several MIDI files and a free Ableton Live project.

They have been expertly crafted to provide producers with a wide range of sounds that are sure to stand out in any mix. The download also includes a comprehensive tutorial and helpful tips for getting the most out of the loops. With its great value and high quality, the Hyperpop Drum Loops is an excellent choice for producers looking to add a unique sound to their music.


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