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Music Industry

What Is EDM?

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What is EDM

Electronic Dance Music, or EDM, is a genre of music that has become increasingly popular in recent years. So what is EDM? It is defined by its fast-paced, upbeat sound and its use of synthesizers and computer-generated sounds. It is typically characterized by a four-on-the-floor beat and a focus on high energy. EDM has been around since the early 1980s, but it has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years.

This article will explore the history of EDM, its various sub-genres, and its current popularity. We will also discuss the impact that EDM has had on the music industry and popular culture


The history of electronic dance music (EDM) can be traced back to the early 1970s when electronic instruments and technologies such as synthesizers, drum machines, and sequencers were developed. The first electronic dance music genre to emerge was disco, which began in the mid-1970s. Disco was heavily influenced by funk and soul music, and it was characterized by its driving 4/4 beat and repetitive rhythms.

In the 1980s, the development of digital audio technology and the introduction of the Roland TR-808 drum machine helped to shape the sound. This new technology allowed producers and DJs to create and manipulate sounds in ways that had never been possible before. This led to the emergence of genres such as house, techno, and acid house.

In the 1990s, the emergence of rave culture and the rise of electronic music festivals helped to popularize EDM. This era saw the emergence of genres such as trance, drum and bass, and jungle.

Today, EDM is one of the most popular and influential genres of music in the world. It has spawned a variety of sub-genres and continues to evolve and innovate.

Sub-genres of EDM

EDM, or Electronic Dance Music, is a broad genre of music that encompasses many different sub-genres. Some of the most popular sub-genres of EDM include:

  • House: A style that originated in the 1980s, characterized by a four-on-the-floor beat, synthesized basslines, and a focus on melody.
  • Trance: A style of EDM that originated in the 1990s, characterized by a repetitive, hypnotic sound and ethereal, dreamy melodies.
  • Dubstep: A style that originated in the early 2000s, characterized by heavy bass and syncopated rhythms.
  • Drum and Bass: A style of EDM that originated in the mid-1990s, characterized by fast-paced rhythms and complex drum patterns.
  • Glitch Hop: A style of EDM that originated in the late 2000s, characterized by heavy bass and distorted, chopped-up samples.
  • Trap: A style that originated in the early 2010s, characterized by hard-hitting hip-hop-inspired beats and 808 bass.

Is EDM a popular genre? 

It is incredibly popular, with many genres of EDM music being popular around the world. According to a 2019 report from the International Music Summit, EDM is the third most popular genre of music in the world, behind Pop and Hip-Hop/R&B. Additionally, EDM festivals such as Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival attract millions of people each year.

What impact has EDM music had on the music industry?

Electronic dance music has had a huge impact on the music industry. It has helped to expand the boundaries of what is considered “music”, and has opened up new opportunities for producers and DJs to create and share their music. It has also helped to bring together different music styles, such as hip-hop, pop, and rock.

EDM has also helped to create a new generation of music fans, who are more open to different types of music and have been exposed to a wider range of sounds.


EDM music is a great way to get lost in the moment and enjoy the energy and passion of the music. With its wide variety of genres and styles, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a fun and upbeat dance track or something more chill and ambient, EDM is sure to have something that you’ll love.


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