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Music Week Tech Summit 2021 Giveaway: What Happened Next?

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You may remember we ran an exciting giveaway for two lucky winners to win a free ticket to this year’s virtual Music Week Tech Summit! We were delighted to speak to one of our amazing winners, Francetta (Ceo and founder of Dats Muzik) about her reasons for entering the giveaway and what she was excited about!

music week tech summit giveaway

Post event now and we were super keen to hear how she got on, what her favourite parts were and what the most valuable pieces of information or advice she took from the event! Keep reading to hear her experience!

We really hope you enjoyed MWTS! What was your favourite part of the event?

music week tech summit 2021 poster

I didn’t have a favourite part but it was good to learn about modern technology and apps, marketing and how the music, media and technology industries are moving forward and working together. I watched specific events and speakers, within the virtual conference. 

Was there anything you were surprised by or learned, that you didn’t know already?

I was surprised by how record labels and music events/ festivals are using music bloggers and influencers to market their artists and DJs music, now, like fashion bloggers do. I believe the music, media and technology industry is seeing the benefits we have. 

Have you attended MWTS before? How do you think the event compares to other years where it’s held in-person rather than virtually?

speakers at music week tech summit virtual event 2021

I have never attended this conference. In the past, you would have to travel far to go to any conference like this and it wouldn’t be easy to talk to a speaker at the end or get their details, to keep in touch. With this being online, it was simple to attend and you were able to book appointments to talk to a speaker and their contact details were all available, so a lot easier to keep in touch. Will conferences become hybrid? 

What was the most valuable thing you took away from the event and how will you use it going forward? 

For me the most valuable thing I got from this event/ conference was getting advice about how to network in the modern age and that influencer marketing and talent management companies are seeking music bloggers, now, so I won’t feel alone. I got to have a zoom call with an influence marketing agency and they’re wanting to work with me. So all great! 

dats muzik logo

Hopefully, hearing more about the event and Francetta’s personal experience has given you more insight into Music Week Tech Summit and encouraged you to attend next year!

We absolutely love running giveaways and competitions and hope to bring more to you very soon, keep in touch with our social media platforms to be the first to hear about them!

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