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Music Licensing

How Production Music Companies Can Manage Their Creative Networks

Photograph of the blog post author, Josh Smith

Josh Smith


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The majority of successful production music projects are the result of carefully planned collaborations and expert project management.

Production music Libarary

What is Production Music?

Production music, sometimes referred to as library music, is composed with the intention of being used in audio and audiovisual productions such as television and radio advertisements, feature films, websites, and even viral marketing campaigns.

Managing Creative Networks

Successful management of the creative process improves the chance of commercial growth for all involved. 

Independent artists are aware of this and the market for independent creator community collaboration apps and services is growing fast. There are many new apps that exist to help independent creators find the right people to work with. Production Music companies can learn from this – give a platform for your creators to work together on projects and thrive.

To meet the growing demand for quality library music, Production Music companies need to be prepared to manage their network, inspire collaborations and manage projects when sent briefs, in an organised manner.

It’s important that these companies have a platform that makes collaboration, feedback and music project management easy.

Production music management software

Creators are going to create! Why not ensure they’re creating Library Music for your libraries, albums and briefs?

To do that, production music companies need a platform to support the process. 

How then, does a company manage, organise, connect and grow its network to ensure its company is the ‘platform’ these artists are creating great music on?

Production Music Software Solutions

Currently, many companies will achieve projects by hiring multiple members of staff, sending emails back and forth, keeping complicated spreadsheets, and maybe using a CRM and some task management systems. But, these systems are disjointed. The multiple steps and systems involved can result in more work, more staff and more drain to the bottom line of a company.

This can cause havoc, slow down growth and cause ideal composers to slip through the net that could have made a project more successful.

Manage your creative network by using software built-for-purpose that allows production managers to organise contacts, music libraries, music projects and more – all within the same environment. 

Companies specialising in library music can own the process and supply chain of their production projects using a Private Network platform built specifically for their brand and needs.

Our white-label solution gives these companies the ability to OWN the platform their creative community sits on.

To talk about your current music project workflows and have a free consultation to learn if they can be optimised click here to book a chat.


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