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Connect all your accounts and your Showcase page will keep everything up-to-date for you (so you can focus on the music). You'll also earn money from all your streams.

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List your upcoming gigs and allow fans to buy tickets. You can also use your shoutouts to promote anything you like - from new songs and videos to your latest merchandise and big news.

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Make your Showcase unique with themes, photos, bios, videos and more. Turn your Showcase into your calling card by adding contact info, websites and social links - complete with your own URL to share.

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Creating your Showcase gives you free access to Music Gateway and all these additional benefits:

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Distribute your songs across all major DSPs such as Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. And do it all - for free!

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Submit your songs to curated playlists and exclusive opportunities. We source new opportunities daily for our members.

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We work with some of the biggest names in the biz to get your music licenced in movies, TV shows, adverts and games.

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Access to a wide variety of tools to help your career and workflow from online mastering to music cataloguing.

Marketing and promotion

Free online services and an industry-leading promotions team means we can get you the exposure you need.

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There’s so much more to discover and do on Music Gateway. Join for free and see where we can take you.

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All music submitted to playlists and opportunities through Music Gateway will drive industry professionals directly to your Showcase page so they can discover more about you and the music you make.

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