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Music Licensing

What Is Audio Branding?

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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We all recognize the necessity of audio branding and how crucial it is for artists like yourselves. So you should definitely get involved in this type of exposure. Just think of the McDonald’s “ba da ba ba ba, I’m Lovin’ It.” Or when you watch Netflix, you all recognize that perfectly timed “Ta-Dum” as the logo appears? So what does this involve and how do you start the process? It is all here in this article for you, so keep reading for the essentials. 

Audio Branding

What Is Audio Branding?

Audio branding uses sound as a marketing tool to create a unique sonic identity for a company or brand. This includes elements such as jingles, sound logos, soundtracks, and sound effects. These create a unique sound that is associated with a particular brand.

Audio branding is used to create an emotional connection between a brand and its customers and to help differentiate a brand from its competitors.

Audio branding can be used in music in a variety of ways. It can be used to create a unique sound that is associated with a particular brand, artist, or product. It can also be used to create a sonic identity for a company or organization. 

Audio branding can be used to create a distinct sound for a product or service, to emphasize certain aspects of a song, or to create a memorable and recognizable sound for a company.

Audio Branding & Music Gateway 

How can Music Gateway help you create this in terms of licensing, music supervision, and in a creative sense? Well, we will be able to provide our wealth of services across marketing, publishing, and music promotion. 

Audio branding in music can be used to create a unique and memorable sound that is associated with a company, product, or service. It can be used to help create a sense of familiarity and recognition among customers. 

Audio branding can also help to create a feeling of trust and loyalty between a company and its customers. Additionally, audio branding can be used to create an emotional connection with customers, helping them to remember and recognize the brand.

We can assure you that your music will be associated with brands that you can are renowned  and respected on a global scale. 

Music Marketing & Audio Branding

Music marketing, when done right, is an essential promotional tool for artists to get their music heard. It can lead to increased sales and revenue via streaming, digital downloads, physical sales, higher-paying live performances, sync opportunities and other modes of income.

Music Licensing & Audio Branding

Working to perfectly match music with video to create powerful, engaging and entertaining content. Indie music from filmmakers and beyond. Our clients range from ITV, Virgin Media, NBC Universal, Netflix, BBC, Disney, and so many more. So why not join us and work with our music supervisors, sync placement teams, and licensing teams to take your career to another level.  

Our expansive catalogue of independent artists and tracks allows us to provide options for almost any brief and has given us the pleasure of licensing music to some of the most exciting productions across TV and Film.

Next Steps

Would you like to take this opportunity further? Then all you have to do is make a booking for a call with Sam. He is our Head of Sync Licensing – as a potential lead. You can use this link here

Closing Thoughts

Now you can see how important audio branding is to and artist just like you. So please do get in touch here at Music Gateway and thanks for reading. We really do appreciate it.


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