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Artist duo ‘OMYO’ talk sync placements & working with brands

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Sync placements while being lucrative, serve the secondary purpose of promoting both parties involved. By cooperating a band and a brand can mutually benefit from the others popularity. This is why we occasionally see bands catapulted into the Top 40 out of nowhere.

Meet the Duo

OMYO are a London based duo of Tom McCorkell and Will Graydon. Having already received two soundtrack deals these guys are really taking off. After a chance meeting in a pub and an ensuing drunken bet, they wrote their first song ‘Lady’ together. Tom is on vocals and Will on production and with a laid-back urban pop vibe, the two fit really well.


The band enjoyed early success with New Look using ‘Lady’ for the music to their Autumn/Winter season campaign advert. First being discovered on social media the pair have since appeared at Wireless festival and even shot a music video in New York for their third single ‘Days Without You’.

This just goes to show how much difference an endorsement can make, within months of forming the pair were at live shows whereas it can sometimes take far longer to get off the ground. Another perfect example of this is the rise to fame of Vaults who featured on the John Lewis 2016 Christmas advert.

Now OMYO have also produced the soundtrack to Monsoon/Accessorize next season as well! ‘Mysterious Girl’ fits perfectly into the sleek advert which features desert scenes and just the right amount of smoke.The two combined great songwriting talent with quick turn around, creating a perfect recipe for success.

In Tom’s own words ‘We have a Motown vibe because my dad and grandad used to be soul singers, so we try to incorporate that into some songs.’ With plenty of avenues to explore in their lyrics and sound their music may develop over the coming years as they grow.

Both of these deals have thrown them to new heights and right into the spotlight, quite literally. With a huge amount of exposure so early in their careers, we can only guess at their future paths in the industry.

Not only have the duo worked with large companies to promote their brand, they have also promoted themselves. This could account for their huge social media following despite only forming 18 months ago.

While the pair obviously have a talent for songwriting part of the skill of creating content for sync is tailoring the song to the specific needs of the client. Letting ideas and sounds grow inside the confines of the contracted song is an exceptional skill these two look to have already mastered.

Here at Music Gateway our Sync Team will actively pitch your tracks to briefs we receive from the likes of Netflix, Amazon, BBC, ITV, ABC Disney and Universal to name a few and the vast majority of Music Supervisors from the USA & Europe. Find out more about sync placements and get representation details on our sync portal page here.

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