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Coming towards the end of 2017 it really is time to reflect on what we have achieved over all these years in the business. What makes this business work and how much is our work as management really worth? Platforms like Music Gateway have become an essential tool for both presenting music, seeking talent and securing commercial opportunities across the music and sync business.

It has become a major part of how KRMB Management works and as a tool is priceless. We have been able to present music to our network in a way not seen before. The vast array of talent has also driven more success with sync deals secured in the USA and beyond on several platforms. The volume of music we keep on file and need to present at the drop of a hat is vast, so the new tools for storage being rolled out by Music Gateway is a very exciting addition to their already powerful workflow tools.  They have a fantastic A&R team who consistently deliver great music for our briefs and partner requests.

Since 2002 we have secured production, recording and publishing deals with EMI Music, Peer Music, Home Studios Hamburg, Safety Records Hamburg, Ferryhouse Warner Music Germany, Songphonic UK, Double Moon Records Turkey and other companies for our artists.

Sometimes we need to look back and realise how much we have achieved and how many of our artists lives we have changed beyond all recognition. For all of us this is a never ending journey which constantly sees pressure for success put upon management.

Having someone like Music Gateway as the engine for KRMB has made that task a little easier. As you secure a deal the next step is how do you sell records, build a monetized fan base. Several major labels and rights purchasers work with Music Gateway, so you get a shop window of opportunities across the globe to exploit your artist’s rights.

Part of this process of building in more success and fans has become tied to brand partnership.

Our sponsorships deals have included, Yamaha, Gibson, Taylor Guitars, Genelec, Cort Guitars, Nord Keyboards, Aguilar Amps, Rode Microphones, Be Barouqe Tights, New Yorker Clothing, No.1 Guitar Store Hamburg, Nike and so much more.

For us working with brands is crucial to exposing our artists to new networks. These endorsements are proof of an artist’s commercial viability. It sends a strong message to the industry that the artist needs to be taken seriously.

As the music business continues to change we are moving more and more into consultancy, offering the chance for new talent to reach these companies, as a UK based company we also offer the opportunity to move into new markets beyond the UK border. With Music Gateway beside us this has widened the reach of our network and potential partners.

Our strategy so far has seen our artists working as far afield as Brazil and in Europe in countries like Turkey, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, France and Germany. As brands seek to extend their reach beyond their home markets, this spread of coverage offers invaluable potential for both artist and brands.

We are really excited about what the years ahead will bring for all our artists our partners and working with the MG platform.

If you are looking for management and representation, then you can submit demos to me and others within MG, register here. Hope you enjoyed this little piece.



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