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Music Meets Gaming: This Is The Free Event Of The Year

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Music Meets Gaming: This Is The Free Event Of The Year 

In collaboration with Analog and The DIT (UK Dept for International trade), Music Gateway will be hosting an exclusive industry event! Open to music and games industry professionals!

Music and gaming meets event

Music And Games

We all know the importance of music in film and TV. Soundtracks guide emotions and set the tone of each scene. You could argue that music in games is even more important. It’s a much more immersive experience after all, as you are the person on screen, not just an outsider watching.

Aside from soundtracks, there are more opportunities to for the two industries to work together. ”While musicians and gamers have collaborated culturally and commercially for decades, a newfound appetite among younger generations for virtual entertainment experiences is poised to catapult these kinds of collaborations to unprecedented heights.” (MBW)

Additionally, remember the concert that Marshmello did in Fortnite early on this year? This is what Music Business worldwide had to say about that… “Gaming companies can help music companies implement virtual concerts at scale by providing not just access to captive audiences, but also robust, ready-made infrastructure for social role-playing, coordinated action, interactive content generation and incremental monetization.”

Music Meets Gaming Event

The evening event will take place in central London on 18th November 2019, full location disclosed later.

We have limited tickets up for grabs for music and games professionals who would like to attend the event. So please apply below! The event will include:

– Free complimentary drinks

– Industry panel

– Live performances

– B2B networking opportunities

So How Can You Get Involved?

Simply fill out your details via this form and we’ll get back to you prior to the event, thank you!

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