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New Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp Updates That Benefit Artists

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On Friday 24th April 2020, Mark Zuckerberg went live on Facebook to talk about the company’s response to COVID-19, as well as announcing new products and features to help people stay connected during this time. There are Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook updates currently live or coming soon. With live streaming, social media use and long-distance collaboration at an all-time high, technological advances are being put in place to facilitate cross-collaboration and connection.

Instagram Facebook and Whatsapp logos with phones

As said by Mark Zuckerberg, across Facebook and Instagram, there are more than 800 million daily actives who engage with live video every day. These new features will be helpful for small businesses and independent artists, as it allows for greater reach and instant connection with fans.

New Features

Let’s dive in and have a look at all the new updates to Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, as well as what each of them mean for artists.


Facebook logo
  • ‘Messenger Rooms’ is a new product that allows users to create a room for any event and send a link to anyone. People without a Facebook or Instagram account can also join.
  • Messenger Rooms will allow up to 50 people to join the call. In the future, rooms will also come to Instagram Direct, Portal, and WhatsApp. No need to schedule ahead of time, instead, a tray will appear at the top of users’ feeds, listing friends’ active video rooms, so users can drop-in whenever. For those without Messenger, they can click the link and go through to a browser. 
  • The live video feature called ‘Live With’ will now launch as part of Facebook Live. In the past, Live With and Facebook Live were used for large events. Zuckerberg says that Facebook would like to see people use these for personal online events.
  • Facebook wants to help users build an event to host on a live stream. They will also make it possible for people to charge a fee for viewers to have access to events. He said this is in hopes of supporting “creators and small businesses that rely on in-person services”. Rooms and Facebook events are being integrated so that you can create Facebook events for online events that you want to hold.
  • Private rooms that are link-only, open rooms for all of your friends, or rooms that require payment for access.

What It Means For Artists

This makes it easier to live stream gigs through Facebook Live, and artists can even charge for access to the room. Also, this lifts the limitations of people not being able to watch or participate if they aren’t on Facebook. Lastly, this encourages collaboration with other artists – why not host a joint concert or session?


Instagram logo on a phone
  • Instagram Live coming to desktop and large-screen platforms.

What It Means For Artists

This will make it easier for audiences to watch via laptops, monitors, TV screens etc – making for a better gig experience.


Whatsapp logo and conversations
  • Doubling amount of people in a group call from 4 to 8, starting this week.
  • Using AI to enhance the user interface. Changing position during a call will seamlessly change the background of the speaker (360 degree virtual backgrounds, for example).

What It Means For Artists

This means that artists have more ease with any meetings, i.e with labels or management. It can even be used for small, intimate gigs. Finally, it can be great for fan engagement, as it could be used for virtual meet and greets.

Final Thoughts

These exciting new features aim to help self-employed workers such as independent artists in a Coronavirus and post-Coronavirus world. Keep your eyes peeled for more incoming changes – we hope that these are helpful and allow you to boost your creativity, stay connected and reach even more people.

To watch Mark Zuckerberg’s video including Facebook’s stance on Coronavirus, and the new features – head here.

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