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Meet Alexa Kishner, Winner Of £4000 Artist Launch!

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Meet Alexa Kishner, Winner Of £4000 Artist Launch!

The time has come for the end of our £4000 Artist Launch Giveaway. If you’re unsure what we’re talking about, we had one of our biggest giveaways to date at the end of 2019. We gave one lucky member the opportunity to win £4000 worth of prizes such as a website, a logo, Artist Development and much more!

Мusic Gateway Ultimate Artist Launch Giveaway Prize of £4000

So many of you entered and we’d like to thank everyone who did. The amount of enthusiasm and entries that we received just goes to show how hardworking and passionate independent artists are, which makes us even more driven to create opportunities to help you reach your potential!

The winner will receive guidance, support, industry knowledge and the tools to build a brand to launch themselves and their music. We have previously offered giveaways such as tickets to the BRIT Awards and MIDEM, as well as other giveaways

Without further ado, the lucky winner is (*drum roll*) … Alexa Kishner!

Congratulations Alexa!

Who Is Alexa Kishner?

Alexa Kishner, winner of the Мusic Gateway Artist Launch Giveaway

Alexa Kishner is a 21-year-old pop singer/songwriter who claims that she “truly believes that music can change someone’s world, as music has shaped me into the person I am today”.

Originally from New York, she began singing at the age of three and started writing music when she was twelve. She has a unique capability of poetically relating harmony and lyrics to musical notes. Alexa has written a countless number of songs, some of which are available on iTunes and other streaming services.

Alexa also says “music has always played a huge role in my life, allowing me to make sense of all of life’s hardships and triumphs and I truly hope to help others through my music.”

See Alexa’s Reaction To Hearing The Awesome News!

Alexa is the lucky winner of these prizes:

. TV Performance
. Youtube & Spotify Promotion
. Artist Development
. Music Licensing & Sync
. Website
. Lyric Video
. Logo
. Digital Optimisation
. Press Release

If you missed out this time but still want to advance your career, you can talk directly to our Music Management, Artist Development & Music Promotion Team! With over 25 years of experience, our Artist Development & Music Promotion team can help you create your brand, perfect your craft and amplify your music.

Keep an eye on our blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out when our next FREE giveaways are! Don’t miss out next time…

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