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YouTube: Royalty Free Music, Whats Next?

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You’ve uploaded an awesome dance troupe video, for example, but it gets taken down because of Copyright infringement! NO! How will the world appreciate how amazing your silky smooth moves are if they keep getting taken down? Well fear no more, as YouTube has officially launched its own royalty free tracks service, which is kind of a big deal.

What this means is that they have put 150 tracks that you can use for free on your videos and other such content. These can also be covered, remixed to do whatever you pretty much want with them! They can be managed direct from your video manager page.

In a further step, the video sharing website has also been calling out to musicians, DJ’s etc. to do remixes/cover versions for them. Though there are obviously other ways and means for everyone to get Royalty Free music, this is a major step forward as YouTube will clearly be the biggest player in this, considering the size of the company!

YouTube is basically built on cover versions of songs and people uploading their own interpretations of stuff (and funny videos of cats, it seems) this is a huge step for artists that want to be seen on YouTube. People such as Justin Bieber & Esmee Denters (Remember her?!) have been discovered by Usher and Justin Timberlake respectively just through cover versions of famous songs on YouTube. Though, the free royalty scheme doesn’t cover songs already made famous, it shows the steps YouTube are taking to encourage its users to be creative etc.

The company also has other ways to cultivate creativity in artists, such as VLogging whilst releasing music. For example, Alex Day got to number 4 in the charts without a record label backing him, just on the strength of his fan base following his Vlogging! He actually met with Record Labels after this with hilarious consequences, which you can see here.

This definitely justifies the fact that YouTube is a source for good if you don’t particularly want to go onto a major label, where you can lose control of the artistic vision that you may have created for yourself, or other such problems that you may have with major labels, and all of this, for free, or so you thought…

YouTube has in the last few months revealed that they will be launching paid channels that you will have to buy a subscription to view. These subscriptions can range from $0.99 to $9.99 a month, currently only 60 channels have decided to take YouTube up on being able to do this, ranging from a Rap-Battle channel to a Golfing channel, currently, there hasn’t been much success for these channels, but there is hope within the company that they will pick up over time as more companies decide to use the service as an added revenue stream for themselves and for YouTube.

This brings us nicely onto YouTube Music, which is a working title for an expected move into subscription-based music content. Currently, YouTube haven’t released any pricing plans for this or larger plans for the move, but the success of failure of the subscription channels mentioned above will probably guide the companies decision, hopefully they don’t start charging, but business is business at the end of the day, as we all know!

Lastly, YouTube have today announced that they will be hosting their first music awards on November 17th, which will be broadcast mainly from Pier 93 in New York, but also from Rio De Janeiro, London, Seoul and Moscow.

The nominees, who will be announced on October 17th, will share official music videos, covers, parodies, concerts, interviews and fan videos in the lead up to the event to encourage fans to share.

The winners will be chosen by the most shares of the content mentioned above, and the event will be streamed live on YouTube, with performers such as Lady Gaga, Eminem and Arcade Fire (YES!!!) along with other YouTube artists that have made it big from the website such as CDZA and Lindsey Sterling.

This ceremony shows that they definitely mean business when it comes to music, with the creation of the royalty free music, and these award ceremonies it gives smaller artists the extra encouragement (if they didn’t already have it) of performing on the same bill as these superstars and potentially being nominated for the same awards.

What do you think of the music that YouTube have uploaded for you to use? Do you think that the paid subscription services are threatening what has always been a free site? Who do you think is going to win big at the awards?

As always, share and tweet and comment below!

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