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Join Our Facebook Live & Loud Sessions To Amplify Your Live Streams

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Want to make your Facebook live gigs go a bit further and get yourself in front of Мusic Gateway’s network of music industry professionals and global music community? Perform live on our new Facebook Live & Loud sessions.

Facebook Live & Loud Stream sessions

We understand that it might be difficult to look at the positive side of a pandemic… but we’re optimists! The coronavirus pandemic has brought a few positives along with the negatives.

One of these positives is that live streaming on social media and other online platforms has grown tremendously. This has made it easier for artists to engage with their fanbase, and brought everyone closer together in this time of distance.

We want to help you amplify your music even further. Introducing the Facebook Live & Loud sessions!

What Is Facebook Live & Loud?

Facebook Live & Loud launched recently as a way to help you amplify your music and get heard by our global audience. Your live stream gig will be crossposted to the Мusic Gateway page and therefore shared to our global audience.

Live streams happen every Wednesday – find out more and get a reminder:

How To Get Involved?

Simply apply for a slot by filling out this form. It’s absolutely free so what have you got to lose?

Let us know if you have any questions by getting in touch.

Good luck!

Who Is Мusic Gateway?

Not ready to live stream yet but want to know more about Мusic Gateway? Our platform is here to help you organise, collaborate and find opportunities for your music. We aim to help independent artists and level the playing field. The best thing is that you can try all of this for free right now! All you have to do is sign up using the button below.

On top of this, our music promotion and artist development services are available to help you reach your goals and amplify your music.

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