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Written by Mary Woodcock

05 October 2017

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URGENT: Cool, confident, sense of self power – track needed for AD

BUDGET $100k


Track Needs to be ALL of the following:

Sense of Self-Power
Sense of Momentum / Upbeat Driving Force
COOL – (this more than anything)

Please look at the reference “Fade” by Kanye West

We are NOT looking for something too EDM/Dance.

Songs with key lyrics related to core themes or driving/cars could be a plus

Examples could include: drive, fire, passion, hunger, inspire, road, challenge, obstacles, rush, never give up, dream, highway, expression, etc. 

@5pm (BST) 5th October 2017
Read Carefully
* Only submit music that specifically meets the need of the brief *
* Ensure you have added all your file metadata correctly before submitting music *
* If you find you are missing these deadlines, you need access to our sync portal below *


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