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Where To Buy The Best Hi-Hat Clutch

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Tasmin Tricker


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In this article, we will provide you with useful information about hi-hat clutches and where to buy the best ones.

What is a Hi-Hat Clutch?

A hi-hat clutch is a small metal device that attaches to the top of a hi-hat cymbal stand. It is an essential piece of equipment for any drummer. Its primary function is to secure the hi-hat cymbals to the hi-hat stand. Without a hi-hat clutch, the hi-hat cymbals would be loose when the drummer plays. This would make it difficult to control the sound and play accurately.

A hi-hat clutch is an essential part of any drummer’s setup, as it allows the drummer to control the tension on the hi-hat cymbals. This allows the drummer to achieve different sounds and textures, and to play more complex patterns.


  • Pearl PH-50
  • Gibraltar GCHH
  • DW Standard Hi-Hat Clutch

Pearl PH-50

This hi-hat clutch features a unique design that allows for quick and easy set-up, as well as a secure fit. The clutch is made from a durable steel material and is designed to fit most hi-hat stands.

Where to buy?

For the USA go here.

For the UK go here.

Gibraltar GCHH

The Gibraltar GCHH can be used with all hi-hats via the revolutionary clutch system. Assembly and dismantling times are significantly shorter. It also has a quick lock system.

Where to buy?

For the USA go here.

For the UK go here.

DW Standard Hi-Hat Clutch

The diameter of the rod hole is one of the biggest on the market, so it is especially useful for most hi-hat rods. The design is very sturdy and also features a locking bottom nut (done so with a drum key) to prevent the nut from coming undone while playing.

Where to buy?

For the USA go here.

For the UK go here.


We hope you found this article helpful. Good luck and thank you, from us here at Music Gateway.

Click here for a video link on how to assemble a hi-hat clutch.


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