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How to Change Pitch in Garageband

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Tasmin Tricker


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In this article, we will provide you with a breakdown of what a pitch in music is and how to alter this using the programme Garageband.

What is a Pitch?

Pitch in music is the relative frequency of a note or sound, usually measured in Hertz (Hz). It is the basic elements of melody and harmony, and it is what creates the musical intervals of notes and chords.

Pitch is typically determined by the frequency of the sound wave that is produced when a note is played.

What is Garageband?

Garageband is a digital audio workstation and music creation software developed by Apple. It is available for MacOS and iOS and allows users to create music and podcasts with a wide range of virtual instruments, audio effects, and loops.

Garageband also includes a built-in library of royalty-free sound effects, loops, and instruments.

How to Adjust the Pitch using Garageband

To change the pitch of a track in Garageband, select the track in the main window and then click the “Inspector” button at the top of the window. In the Inspector window, select the “Pitch” tab and then use the “Pitch” slider to adjust the pitch of the track. You can also use the “Fine Tune” feature to make more precise adjustments.

Click here for the link to a video tutorial on how to change the pitch in Garageband.


We hope you found this article helpful. Good luck and thank you, from us here at Music Gateway.


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