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Purity VST Free Download

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Tasmin Tricker


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Purity is a powerful VST instrument developed by Image-Line, the maker of the famous FL Studio. 

It is a synthesizer with a wide range of sounds and effects, making it a great tool for creating music. The instrument is designed to be easy to use and intuitive, with a simple interface and a variety of presets to get you started. 

It also includes an arpeggiator, a step sequencer, and a number of effects to help you create a unique sound. Purity is compatible with Mac and PC, allowing you to use it with any DAW. It also comes with a library of samples and presets, so you can get started quickly.


  • Comes with an incredibly simple to use and simple interface that provides you comfortable use of its own attributes for inspiring your musical potential.
  • Comes with well-sampled PCM wave information including a lot of sound components workstations, sound modules, drum machines, classic analogue synths and even modern digital synths.
  • Contains an integrated sequencer and sequenced spots to inspire your musical capacity.
  • A next generation of digital musical instrument pliers and PCM sound module program.
  • A detailed piece of software that offers rich sound sources to create professional music of any sort and any goal.
  • Instrument workstation and PCM
  • Sampled PCM wave data
  • Minimum computer requirements: memory ram 512 MB of ram required
  • Sound presets for electronic musical instruments

You can get the Luxonix Purity VST free download here


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