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The Best Recording Studio Rochester NY

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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Are you looking for a recording studio in Rochester NY and want to record your best music yet? Well you have come to the right place. 

If you are looking for a recording studio in Rochester, there are several options to choose from, so let’s delve into which are at the top of our list!

Wicked Squid Studios

Wicked Squid Studios is a full-service digital media production studio located in Rochester, NY. They specialize in producing high quality digital media content for a variety of clients, including businesses, organizations, and individuals. 

Their services include video production, animation, graphic design, web development, and more. They strive to create content that is engaging, creative, and effective. 

Their team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering quality results on time and on budget. Whether you’re looking for a short video or an entire campaign, Wicked Squid Studios has the experience and expertise to make your project a success.


You can reach them via phone at +1 585-481-5990 

They are based at 194 Smith St, Rochester, NY 14608, United States

The Green Room

The Green Room Recording Studios Rochester is a professional recording studio located in Rochester, NY. The studio is owned and operated by experienced engineers and producers, providing top-notch sound quality and production services for all types of music. 

The studio provides a wide range of services, from recording, mixing, and mastering to sound design and music production. The Green Room has worked with many of the top names in the music industry and has an impressive list of credits to its name. 

The studio is equipped with the latest in digital and analog recording technology, and offers a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for artists to create their best work.


You can reach them via phone at (585) 420-8611

They are based at 116 Humboldt St, Rochester, NY 14610, United States

Saxon Recording

Saxon Recording Studios is located in Rochester, NY. The studio is a full-service recording studio that specializes in recording, mixing and mastering for a variety of genres. They offer a variety of services including vocal recording, mixing and mastering, audio engineering, and sound design. 

They also provide services such as songwriting, production, and music video production. The studio is equipped with top of the line gear, including Pro Tools HDX, a SSL Duality Console, and a variety of microphones and outboard gear. Saxon Recording Studios also offers a variety of services for vocalists, including vocal coaching, vocal tuning, and vocal effects. 

They also provide a variety of services for musicians, including music production, mixing and mastering, and sound design.


You can reach them via phone at 585-288-3150 or via email at [email protected]

They are based at 1237 East Main Street, Rochester, New York 14609-6941 USA

Our Verdict

So there we have it, the best recording studios in Rochester! You want your music to matter and be perfect, so when you share it with the world, you want to know that it’s been recorded in the best possible place. Pick any one of these studios, and you will have succeeded in doing just that.

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