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Recording Studios

The City Of Memphis Recording Studio Heaven

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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Memphis is a city known for its rich musical heritage, and its recording studios have been instrumental in creating some of the most iconic music in history. 

From Sun Studios, where Elvis Presley recorded his first hit, to Stax Records, where Otis Redding and Isaac Hayes crafted their soulful sounds, Memphis has been a major player in the recording industry for decades.

Today, Memphis is home to a variety of recording studios, ranging from large, world-class facilities to smaller, independent ones. The city is home to studios such as Ardent Studios, Royal Studios, and Sam Phillips Recording, all of which have produced some of the most memorable music of all time.

In addition to its larger studios, it also hosts a number of smaller, independent recording studios. These studios offer a unique atmosphere and a greater level of creative freedom for artists. Zebra Ranch Studios, for example, is a small studio located in the heart of Memphis that has been used by the likes of John Hiatt, Lucinda Williams, and the North Mississippi Allstars.

No matter what type of music you are looking to record, Memphis has a studio to fit your needs. With its rich musical heritage, Memphis provides a great environment for creating music, and its recording studios are sure to help you craft something special.

Here are our top picks for the best recording studios in Memphis, Tennessee.

Young Avenue Sound Recordings

Young Avenue Sound recording studio

Young Avenue Sound is a recording studio located in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee. 

Founded in 2003, it is one of the premier recording studios in the city and has been the choice of many local and national acts. The Memphis recording studio is owned and operated by engineer and producer, Justin Toland, and is known for its high-end equipment, expansive tracking space, and professional staff. 

The studio is equipped with a range of vintage and modern recording equipment, including an SSL 9K console, ProTools HDX, and an array of outboard gear. Young Avenue Sound also has a large tracking space with a variety of acoustic treatments, allowing for a range of sonic possibilities. 

The famous recording studio in Memphis has worked with a variety of artists, from local Memphis acts to national acts. Some of the artists that have recorded at Young Avenue Sound include The Black Keys, Kings of Leon, Al Green, and John Hiatt. The studio has also been used for film and television scoring and sound design.

Young Avenue Sound is the perfect destination for any artist looking to make a professional recording. With its state-of-the-art equipment and experienced staff, the studio is sure to provide a great experience and an amazing-sounding record, which makes it one of the best Memphis recording studios.

Royal Studios

Royal Studios

Royal Studios is a legendary recording studio located in Memphis, Tennessee. It is best known for its work in the genres of soul, blues, and gospel music. 

The Memphis recording studio was founded in 1956 by producer Willie Mitchell and has been used by a number of iconic musicians over the years, including Al Green, Otis Redding, Ann Peebles, and Bobby “Blue” Bland

Royal Studios is renowned for its signature “Memphis Sound” which is a combination of soul and funk. The studio has been credited with helping to shape the sound of modern soul music. 

The Memphis recording studio is still active today and is still run by the Mitchell family. It remains an important part of the Memphis music scene and a source of pride for the city.

Ardent Recording Studios

Ardent Memphis Recording Studio

Ardent Recording Studios is a world-renowned recording studio located in Memphis, Tennessee. The studio has been in operation since 1966 and has been a major contributor to the Memphis music scene for over 50 years. 

Ardent has recorded a wide variety of artists, from rock legends like Led Zeppelin and ZZ Top to country stars like Reba McEntire and George Jones. The Memphis recording studio is also home to many Grammy-winning and multi-platinum albums, including U2’s The Joshua Tree and Big Star’s #1 Record.

The studio is known for its state-of-the-art equipment, experienced engineers, and warm, inviting atmosphere. Ardent is equipped with a large selection of vintage and modern recording equipment, including a Neve 8078 console and a Studer A800 24-track tape machine. The studio also boasts a collection of vintage microphones, outboard gear, and a vast selection of instruments, making it one of the best Memphis recording studios.

Ardent’s staff is comprised of some of the most experienced engineers in the music industry, including Grammy-winning engineer John Hampton and multi-platinum producer/engineer Jeff Powell. The Memphis recording studio is also home to several highly sought-after producers, including Grammy-winning producer Jim Dickinson and Grammy-nominated producer/engineer Richard Dodd.

Ardent Memphis Recording Studios is a world-class recording facility that has produced some of the most iconic records in music history. Its experienced staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and warm atmosphere make it one of the most sought-after recording studios in the world.

Sun Records Studios

Sun Studios

Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee is a legendary recording studio which has been credited with launching the careers of some of the most iconic artists in music history. 

It is widely considered the birthplace of rock and roll, as it was where Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash all recorded some of their earliest and most influential works. 

Sun Studios – otherwise known as Sam Phillips Recording Studios – was founded in 1950 by Sam Phillips, a radio DJ from Alabama who had a vision of creating a place where “anyone could come and make a record.” 

The Memphis recording studio quickly gained a reputation for its unique sound, which was a combination of blues, country, and gospel music. Over the years, Sun Studios has seen its fair share of famous musicians, from Bob Dylan to U2. 

The recording studio has also been used as a filming location for movies such as Great Balls of Fire and Walk the Line. Sun Studios is still open for business today, offering tours and recording sessions to aspiring musicians. It is an important part of Memphis’ musical history, and a reminder of the power of music to bring people together.

We hope you have found our article helpful in choosing the right recording studio in Memphis for you. Good luck with your creative projects!

The Music Gateway Team.

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