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Music Production

Which AI Music Generator? Our Pick of The Top 5

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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AI is starting to take over so many industries and we must learn how to adapt. Music is no exception, there are plenty of AI music generators now on the market. We will run you through which are the top 5 AI music generators and what they can offer. So let’s get going. 

AI Music Generator

How Is AI Used In Music Production? 

AI can be used in music production in a number of ways. AI can be used to generate new music, create new sounds, and even mix and master tracks. AI can also be used to analyze music, detect patterns, and identify musical elements. 

AI can also be used to create interactive music experiences, such as providing personalized music recommendations or providing real-time feedback to a musician. It really is here to stay and for musicians, it only opens up a world of opportunities. 

What Is An AI Music Generator?

AI music generators use algorithms to generate music. These algorithms can be trained on existing music to create new music that is similar to the original. AI music generators can be used to create new musical pieces, remix existing songs, or generate accompaniment for musicians. 

They can also be used to create soundtracks for movies, video games, and other media. AI music generators are becoming increasingly popular as they are able to create unique and interesting music with minimal effort.

1. Soundful

AI music generator Soundful is a type of artificial intelligence software that can generate music autonomously. It uses algorithms to create unique and interesting music that can be used in various applications, such as video games, film soundtracks, and more. It can also be used to create music for live performances.

Soundful is an AI music generator designed to help musicians create new music quickly and easily. It offers an intuitive interface that allows users to drag and drop loops, samples, and other elements to create unique compositions. Soundful also provides a range of features such as real-time audio processing, automatic beat matching, and intelligent melody generation. These features allow musicians to quickly create tracks that sound professional and unique.

Soundful is an AI music generator that allows you to create unique, royalty-free background music for your projects. It works by using artificial intelligence to generate music based on your preferences. You can customize the music by selecting different genres, instruments, and moods. The music is royalty-free, so you can use it in your projects without any worries. Soundful also provides a library of curated music that you can use to get inspired.

2. Ecrett Music

AI music generator Ecrett is a deep learning-based platform that can generate original music compositions with a variety of styles, including classical, jazz, and pop. The platform uses a combination of generative adversarial networks (GANs) and recurrent neural networks (RNNs) to create unique and expressive music. It can also learn from existing music to generate new compositions that are tailored to the user’s preferences. 

AI music generator Ecrett provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that allows users to quickly create their own music compositions. Additionally, the platform can be used to create soundtracks for video games, movies, and other media. 

Ecrett Music is a music streaming platform founded by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, dancers, developers, and music industry professionals.

Ecrett Music provides a wide range of tutorials for musicians of all levels, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced tutorials. The tutorials cover topics such as music theory, songwriting, recording, mixing, mastering, and more. Additionally, Ecrett Music also offers online courses and private lessons.

You can learn more about Ecrett music here on their YouTube channel.

3. Soundraw

The AI Generator Soundraw is a software tool designed to generate sound effects from data. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze sound data and create unique sound effects. It can be used to create sound effects for video games, movies, and other audio projects.

Once again you can create royalty-free music with just the click of a button. 

You can choose the length and tempo of the track you want to create, followed by the mood and the genre/style of music and finally you decide on a theme. After following those steps, you will then you will have your finished piece. It’s quite impressive, isn’t it? 

Rules You Need To Follow Using Soundraw

Now, these would generally be applicable to any AI music generator, but Soundraw outlined their rules which would be useful to mention if you thought about using this particular software. 

1. Follow all applicable copyright laws.

2. Make sure you have the appropriate licenses and permissions to use the soundraw.

3. Make sure you understand the terms of use for the soundraw.

4. Make sure you properly attribute the soundraw to its original creator.

5. Don’t use the soundraw in a way that could be considered offensive or inappropriate.

6. Don’t use soundraws to create works that could be considered plagiarism or copyright infringement.

7. Don’t use soundraws to create works that could be considered libelous or defamatory.

8. Don’t use soundraws to create works that could be considered fraudulent or deceptive.

9. Don’t use soundraws to create works that could be considered obscene or pornographic.

10. Don’t use soundraws to create works that could be considered harassing or discriminatory.


AIVA Music is an AI-powered music composition platform, developed in 2016, that enables you to create original music compositions with just a few clicks. It uses advanced algorithms to generate unique musical pieces based on your input and preferences. 

AIVA Music allows you to create powerful music compositions that can be used for various purposes, from soundtracks for films and games to background music for presentations and videos. 

With AIVA Music, you can easily create beautiful and unique music compositions that will bring your projects to life.

To use AIVA, you will first need to create an account. Once you have an account, you can access the AIVA dashboard, where you can choose the type of project you would like to create (music or game). 

From there, you can select the type of AI you would like to use, as well as the parameters for the project. Once you have chosen the parameters, you can use the AIVA AI to generate your project. You can then customize the project further using the AIVA tools. Finally, you can export the project to use in your own applications.

Here on their YouTube channel, you watch plenty of videos about how to create AI music for yourself and become a pro. 

Midnight Runner – AI Composed Phonk Track by AIVA

5. Boomy

Boomy is an AI-based music generator that allows users to create their own unique pieces of music. It uses a combination of algorithms to create a wide variety of sounds and styles, and it can be used to create anything from ambient music to dance music. 

Boomy also includes features such as a built-in drum machine, a synthesizer, and a library of pre-made sounds and samples. Additionally, users can customize their music by adjusting the tempo, key, and other parameters. Boomy is available for free and can be used on both Mac and Windows computers.

Boomy Music Library offers a library of pre-generated loops and samples that can be used to create a variety of different styles of music. The library also provides tools to customize the music, including sound effects and effects processing. The library also offers a range of tools to help users create their own unique compositions.

The AI music generator Boomy is a powerful and intuitive tool for creating and mastering music. It uses advanced algorithms to analyze your audio files and create a mix that is tailored for you. Boomy can also be used to master your music, adding clarity and depth to your sound. Boomy’s intuitive interface makes it easy to get the perfect mix and master for your music. With Boomy, you can quickly and easily create professional-sounding music with the help of AI.

You can edit the arrangement of a song, in terms of Tempo, Instruments and mixing style. 

How To Start Creating A Song On Boomy

Start by tapping “Create” and then “Song” from the menu. Then, choose a Style, select any custom settings, and tap “Create Song.” Boomy will create an endless number of song options for you to reject, save, or customize. You can also add vocals to your song easily using Boomy, which means you can sing, rap, or add a top-line to your song. 

What Is Royalty-Free Music?

Royalty-free music is a phrase that has come up a few times in this article, so let’s just make sure that we have given you a detailed summary of what this means. It refers to music that is not subject to copyright and can be used without the need to pay royalties or license fees. This means that once you have purchased the music, you can use it in any way you like, including in videos, podcasts, websites, and other audio/visual projects. As you can gather, most of these Ai music generator sites do allow for this type of music creation, which saves you as the musician a good deal of time. 

AI-Generated Music Videos

There is so much you can do with AI now, as you can see from the top 5 AI Music Generators and we thought it would be fun to share with you some music videos that have all been created using AI. Have a look at these below!

Pink Floyd – Echoes 

Bohemian Rhapsody – Every Lyric Is An AI-Generated Image

You can learn how to make an AI-generated music video in more detail, with the help of this YouTube clip

Pros and Cons Of Using AI Music Generator Software

We thought we would explore the pros and cons of using AI music generators in the music industry, as there are examples of both when using them. We do think the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, so let’s delve into what these are. 

The Pros Of Using An AI Music Generator 

1. AI music generators can create unique and original music that would be difficult for humans to compose. 

2. AI music generators can be used to generate music quickly and efficiently. 

3. AI music generators can be used to create music that can be used in a variety of applications, such as video games, advertisements, and film scores. 

4. AI music generators can be used to create music that can be adapted to different genres and styles. 

5. AI music generators can be used to create music that can be used in a variety of different contexts. 

6. AI music generators can be used to create music that can be tailored to the specific needs of a project.

The Cons Of Using An AI Music Generator 

1. Lack of creativity: AI music generators are unable to come up with truly unique and creative ideas, as they are limited by their programming.

2. Difficulty in understanding the music: AI music generators often produce music that is difficult for humans to understand, as it is based on complex algorithms and mathematical equations.

3. Difficulty in making changes: It can be difficult to make changes to the music generated by an AI music generator, as it is based on complex algorithms.

4. Lack of emotion: AI music generators are unable to capture the emotional nuances of human-made music, as they are limited by their programming.

Closing Thoughts

The future of AI music generators is very promising. AI music generators are already being used to create new music and soundscapes, and are being used to create soundtracks for films and video games. As AI technology continues to develop, AI music generators will become more sophisticated and will be able to create more complex and unique music. AI music generators could also be used to create music that is tailored to a person’s individual tastes, allowing them to create their own unique soundtracks.


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