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Music Promotion

Everything You Need To Know About Smart URLS

Photograph of the blog post author, Jodie Francis

Jodie Francis


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Are you thinking of how best to promote your music? Maybe you are thinking of tweeting out links to your Spotify or iTunes? You should consider using Smart URLs!

getting started with Smart URLs

This article will look into the benefits of using Smart URLs and how they can help you to successfully promote your music. We will also include a guide to help you learn how to create a Smart URL.

What Is A Smart URL? 

A Smart URL is a trackable landing page for your music that can be easily shared on the internet. It puts your fans in control of what they want to see, and what tool they use to download your music from. Smart URLs are a smart (!) choice for artists to use as they help to grow their fan base. Plus they are super simple to create! Some artists actually use their landing page to replace their traditional artist website, but this is up to you. Essentially, they allow your fans to find out all of the relevant information that they need to know, without any irrelevant noise. They are a clean and easy way of sharing information, while looking good at the same time. 

Benefits Of Using Smart URLs

There are so many benefits to using Smart URLs for artists; let’s break down some of the most important. 

Smart URLs

Social Media 

Smart URLs are great for music promotion on your social media channels, as they look more professional. People are far more likely to click on them, and this can help to build your fan base – all from one simple link! Smart URLs are also generally shorter (or you can get a shorter version) which means that it doesn’t take up as many of those precious 280 characters in a tweet.

Streaming Platforms

Want to increase your presence on streaming platforms? Then Smart URLs are a great way to do so! All you need to do is connect with your fans and get them to add your music straight to their playlists or add it to their pre-save section before your music has even been released. This is all done with just one or two clicks and then you’ll have created a buzz for your upcoming release!


Smart URLs are not all about convenience for your fans, they also provide you with invaluable information about how they are accessing your music. Having a landing page helps to put you in control of your marketing strategies. After all, you can discover things like what their favorite streaming platforms are and where the majority of your fans live. This way you can gear your marketing towards the information you have discovered from these analytics to your advantage.

For example, you could organize your next gig to take place in a country or city where you know you have a large fan base, that way you’re sure to sell out tickets! Use this data in the same way or together with analytics from platforms like Spotify For Artists.

Where To Use Smart URLs

hands typing

So where can you put Smart URLs to good use? A great place is obviously going to be on your social media profiles. On your Twitter and Instagram profiles you could copy and paste your Smart URL into your ‘About’ section so that it is one of the first things that people see and might be tempted to click on! You could also get your friends and colleagues to feature your link on their pages as this will greatly help to promote your music. 

They are also good to use and share with any journalists that you may do interviews with. They can help to promote your Smart URL on their website, as this will generate traffic for you. 

Another useful place to manage Smart URL is on your website as this will help your fans to find out important details, like where your next gig is. You could also ask music bloggers to post reviews of your music on their blog and include your Smart URL. The same goes for any press releases you publish. 

Smart URLs are super useful when it comes to getting in contact with music agents or promoters, as you can just send them a quick email with one link that will tell them all of the relevant information that they need to know about you and your music. 

How to create a Smart URL 

So how do you create a Smart URL? It’s really simple! Let’s take a look at two of the most popular methods. 

Soundplate Clicks

Smart URLs

The very first step with Soundplate Clicks is signing up and creating an account. Then, it will take you straight to the main page. All you need to do is add information to your profile such as tour dates and info about your music. Then just open up the ‘artist page’ on the menu and choose what options you need, select your URL and then save it! This will take just five minutes of your time! Creating your first Smart URL with them is free, but it will then cost you $20/month to create unlimited Smart URLs and have access to Pro Artist features. 

There are additional features such as QR Codes that allow you to successfully market your music away from the online world. You can download a scannable QR code with just one click and these can then be put onto flyers, posters, T-shirts – you name it! Once someone scans this code they will be taken to your landing page. There’s also a feature called Geo-Targets event promotion that will import your show times and display them to the fans that are the most likely to buy tickets! 

A feature called ‘Facebook Re-targeting’ lets you utilize Facebook Pixels to tailor your information to a specific audience. This helps you advertise to the people that are most likely to interact with your music. They also have specific accounts for record labels to use, that help to promote their artists’ music. It is a great way for record labels to gather useful data as well, and they can invite their artists to view their statistics and data so they can take an active role in their marketing campaign. 


Smart URLs Pivot page

There are also sites where you can create a free smart URL, such as and SmartURL. Let’s take a closer look at SmartURL. To begin creating, you’ll need to make an account and the first thing you’ll notice is four different create options. The best option to use is Pivot, so just simply click the create button and then select Pivot to begin. You will then be presented with a screen that you need to fill with your information! You should make sure that you select Pivot Page Type. 

Once you provide your iTunes or Apple Music URL the information you need will pop up automatically, but you may want to edit it. If you know that your fans prefer Tidal, then you can always add your URL here as well. Simply click on the ‘Add New Retailer’ button. It’s important to note that you can edit and customize your Smart URL to fit the look you desire. 

You can select the preview and cover image, as well as the background image or video. This way your fans will instantly recognize you and your music. You can also choose what events you want to display as well as the customize the footer of the link. It is definitely a good idea to personalize your Smart URL as much as possible, this way your page and music will stand out from the crowd. Once you have finished adding all of your relevant links and customizing your page, just click on the ‘Save SmartURL’ button and marvel at your masterpiece!

Final Thoughts 

So there we have it, a guide on how to create Smart URLs and why they are a powerful marketing tool that you should make good use of. They give your fans the best experience possible when it comes to your music, as everything is set out neatly for them in one place.  

They can truly help to grow your fan base and increase your ticket and stream sales. But perhaps the best aspect of Smart URLs is the way they open up a whole new wealth of information thanks to the analytics you have access to. This allows you to cleverly market your music and employ the best marketing strategies.

As we have discovered, you don’t need to be a tech whizz to create a Smart URL and you can even create them in just five minutes. What’s more, if you are on a tight budget then you don’t need to worry as you can use tools such as SmartURL and to make free Smart URLs. 

Top tip: personalize and customize your Smart URL as much as you can. This way, your brand will become recognizable and memorable – two things you definitely want to be! So what are you waiting for? Create your Smart URL today, and watch your fan base (and your ticket sales) grow beyond belief!

Want to know more ways to improve your knowledge of the music industry and amplify your music career? Take a look at some other articles available on our blog. Or, if you’re ready for a more hands-on approach, perhaps it’s time to get in touch with our artist services team!

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