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Best Ever Wedding Dance Songs

Photograph of the blog post author, Georgia Carter

Georgia Carter


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Have you ever been to a wedding and wanted to know what the track was that you danced all night to, or are maybe thinking what are the best wedding dance songs to include for your own special day? We have you covered and will include some video links to the best ones which have gone viral. So let’s get started and dive straight in! 

Wedding Dance Songs

There are many popular wedding dance songs, but we have whittled it down to the following.

 Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake

Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon

I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston

All of Me by John Legend

Crazy in Love by Beyoncé ft. Jay Z

I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas

What Is The Best Wedding Dance Song?

In our opinion, “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley is a perfect wedding dance song. It’s a classic tune that everyone can recognize and hum along to. Its lyrics are romantic and timeless, making it the perfect choice for a wedding dance. The melody is soft and slow, so maybe not as upbeat as others we’ve mentioned before, but it is perfect for couples to share a romantic slow dance. It’s also upbeat enough to get everyone on the dance floor, making it a great song to bring people together. The song is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face and create a special moment for the newlyweds.

How To Find The Best Wedding Dance Songs

Finding the perfect wedding dance song can be a daunting task. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect song for your special day.  

1. Think about the type of music you and your partner both enjoy. Do you both like classic rock, country, pop, or something else?

2. Consider your wedding theme. Is it a romantic, elegant affair or a fun, upbeat party?

3. Make a list of your favorite songs. This will help narrow down your choices.

4. Ask family and friends for their recommendations. They may have some great ideas that you hadn’t thought of.

5. Listen to sample songs online. This will help you get a feel for the song before you commit to it.

6. Make sure the song has a good tempo and length. You don’t want it to be too slow or too fast, and it should be long enough to last through the dance.

7. Finally, make sure the song has special meaning for you and your partner. It should be something that is special to the two of you and that you’ll both be able to look back on fondly.

Now you will be a pro at chosing the perfect wedding dance song if you follow our advice above and you will nail every move. People will be talking about your dance for ages at every family party, trust me. Weddings are occasions where you can let your hair down and really celebrate, so finding the right song and making it special in your own way is the key.  

Closing Thoughts

So which was your favorite on our list of the best wedding dance songs and do you agree with out top picks? Does it make you excited for wedding season or your own special day? What song will you chose to dance to on the day? Hopefully we have given you some inspiration. 


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