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Band Theme Review

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Annika Hope


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Band Theme specialises in providing design and development services for musicians, bands, and other music-related businesses. They specialize in creating custom WordPress themes that are tailored to the needs of music-related businesses. With Bandtheme, businesses can create professional and attractive websites that are optimized for the music industry. 

Bandtheme offers a variety of services such as theme customization, website design, and development. They also offer hosting and maintenance services for WordPress sites. Bandtheme provides a wide range of custom themes that are designed to help musicians and music-related businesses create an online presence. They also offer a variety of plugins and tools to help businesses manage their websites and create a professional look.

Bandtheme also provides a wide selection of templates, including one-page and multi-page designs. The templates are fully customizable and feature a variety of features, such as music player integration, customizable sliders, and a drag-and-drop page builder. Additionally, the templates are optimized for mobile devices and offer a range of options for customizing the look and feel of the website. The website also offers a range of features to help musicians promote their music, such as a blog, social media integration, and a music store. 

WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme is a collection of files that work together to create the design and functionality of a WordPress website. Themes control the look and feel of a WordPress site, including the layout, colour scheme, and font.

Bandtheme is a WordPress theme designed specifically for bands and musicians. It includes features such as a custom homepage, easy-to-use page builder, music player, photo gallery, and more. It also includes a custom theme options panel that allows users to customize their site to their exact needs.

Features Of Bandtheme

Top Pocket

A top pocket is an area on a website that is typically located at the top of the page and is used to display important information or links. It is typically used to provide quick access to important information or features. Bandtheme uses a top pocket to display the band’s logo, a search bar, and a link to the band’s social media accounts. This allows visitors to quickly access the band’s social media accounts and search the website for relevant information.

Tour Dates

These can be integrated with Songkick & BandsInTown, or alternatively, manually add any tour dates using the internal event manager.


Stream your music videos via YouTube in a range of different layouts. And, increase your Youtube subscribers by connecting your YouTube channel subscribe button.

News And Blog

Share your news with your fans. Create posts and display them in a range of flexible formats. Add text, links, videos, images, or even embed codes.


Display your photos in a range of gallery formats including grids and carousels. All images can be viewed by fans in a full-screen lightbox.


Showcase your music by adding embedded streaming players or links from Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Beatport, Tidal & Amazon, plus many more. Plus, add buy links for any retailer or your own eCommerce store.

Instagram Feed

Included with every theme is the Official Bandtheme Instagram plugin that automatically publishes your latest photo and video posts, to your Bandtheme website.

Social Media

Add your social media channels to drive engagement with your fans. Includes all major social networks with subscribe buttons and social icons.

Press & Reviews

Add any reviews or press your band has received, with the ability to link out to external websites.

Promo Pocket

A flexible promo section that can be used to promote special events, products, or releases. A fully adaptable pocket allows you to give extra emphasis to anything you want to promote.


Band Theme comes integrated with its own WooCommerce store, allowing you to sell music and merch directly to your fans. Alternatively, if you have a store provider (eg Shopify), showcase the products and link through to your store.

Text Pocket

A flexible text pocket allows you to add your bio, contact details, or general information about you, your band, or your music.


Create an impressive electronic press kit (EPK) to present your band and music to managers, record labels, or the press. Choose from a range of options to create an impressive EPK that will get you noticed.


Grow your fanbase by adding a mailing list sign-up with your chosen provider (eg Mailchimp). Simply add the embed code and Bandtheme will do the rest for you.

Music Player

Add an embed or iframe from your preferred streaming service. Fans will then stream directly from your website. Or if you want to include an MP3 player, simply add the embed code.

Bandtheme – Why Do You Need A Website For Your Band?

A website is an essential tool for bands and musicians because it allows them to reach a larger audience and build their fan base. It can also be used to promote upcoming shows, release new music, and sell merchandise. Additionally, a website can help build credibility and trust with fans, as it provides a professional platform to showcase their work. Finally, a website can be a great way to connect with other musicians, industry professionals, and potential fans.

What Do You Need For A Band Website? 

Now, there are certain things you need to include on a website for your band and of course, this is clear from Bandtheme, but we thought we would include everything here. A checklist if you will, so you can create the best website there is around. 

  • A brief overview of the band and its music
  • A link to the band’s social media pages
  • Upcoming shows and tour dates
  • Music samples and videos
  • Photos and/or a slideshow of the band
  • A contact form or email address
  • A blog or news section
  • A merchandise section
  • A mailing list sign-up form
  • Links to streaming services and online stores

Pros And Cons Of Bandtheme


1. Bandtheme is an easy-to-use website that offers a wide range of customizable themes for bands and musicians to create their own websites.

2. It provides a simple drag-and-drop editor, allowing users to quickly create a professional website without having to learn complex coding.

3. It provides a range of features such as a built-in blog, photo galleries, and a media player for streaming music.

4. Bandtheme is integrated with social media, allowing users to easily share their content and promote their music.

5. You can sell tickets, and merchandise whilst also promoting your music and videos to a global audience. 

6. There is an efficient support team on hand to help you with any issues, and if you have an active license you will receive updates with any security or bug fixes when available. 


1. Audio editing, video creation, text copywriting, editing, and translation logo or asset creation are not included. 

2. The range of customization options is slightly limited, so users may not be able to create the exact look they are after.

3. The website can be tricky to view on smaller screens.


There are three subscription options, which makes it even easier to create your website. 

Bandtheme Lifetime License – £85

  • Lifetime license to use on 1 website
  • 12 months of support & theme updates
  • Access to all templates & resources
  • One-click demo import
  • How-to-guide & expert tips

Bandtheme & Installation – £130

  • All Lifetime license features


  • Installed on a WordPress hosting provider of your choice
  • The theme is set up and ready to start editing

Bandtheme & Hosting – £175

  • All Lifetime license features


  • 12 Months 100% Green Energy Hosting
  • The theme is set up and ready to start editing
Band Theme Website and Pricing

If you purchase the Installation or Hosting package, then your website will be installed in a few hours or so, which is super quick and efficient. I would suggest planning ahead when it comes to going live, as it takes 72 hours for the domain to update. 

You have to purchase a license for you to unlock all the features you need to build your website. And this license lasts for 12 months after you purchase it. It gives you access to design templates, new feature releases, bug or security fixes, etc.  

The best part is that any money you make, you get to keep 100%, and BandTheme does not take a cut, any fees, etc. 

100% Green Energy Hosting from Bandtheme

Bandtheme uses renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power to power its servers and data centres. This helps to reduce the carbon footprint associated with hosting and helps to reduce their overall energy consumption. Bandtheme also utilizes advanced cooling systems to reduce their energy consumption even further. 

Additionally, Bandtheme has implemented a number of measures to optimize its servers and data centres for maximum performance, which includes using high-speed SSDs and utilizing advanced caching techniques. All of these measures help to ensure that Bandtheme is able to provide its customers with high-speed hosting services while still keeping their energy consumption low.

Customer Showcase / Built-In Editor

Band Theme features a customer showcase and built-in editor that allow customers to quickly and easily customize their website. The customer showcase displays examples of websites created by other customers, giving customers an idea of how their own website could look. 

The built-in editor allows customers to customize their website with a range of features, including custom fonts, colour schemes, and layouts. Customers can also add images, videos, and other content to their websites. With Bandtheme, customers can create a professional website in minutes, without any coding knowledge or experience.

Examples of BandTheme Websites

Here are some of the examples of band websites that are featured on BandTheme, which may give you some inspiration. 

Band Themes

There are various themes you can choose from depending on the style of your band. These range anywhere between Grime, Punk-Rock, Bold, Urban, RnB, and Electro. And so many more! It seems that BandTheme has catered to every musician’s needs. 

This also includes a live demo to get you started and then you can decide whether this particular theme works for you. 

Band Theme

Closing Thoughts on BandTheme

Band Theme provides a range of support services, such as training videos, tutorials, and customer support. Overall, BandTheme is an excellent resource for musicians looking to create a professional-looking website without the need for coding knowledge.

With its wide selection of templates and features, it is easy to create a website that is tailored to the needs of the musician. So what are you waiting for? Visit BandTheme today and start building that sleek musician’s website you’ve always dreamed of!


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