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MAXO Is Back With A New Single: Christmas Lights!

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MAXO Is Back With A New Single: Christmas Lights!

MAXO is set to release his version of Coldplay’s festive hit ‘Christmas Lights’ in November, giving a 2019 folk-rock feel to this near decade-old favourite.

Who Is MAXO?

Residing all the way in the Australian capital of Canberra, MAXO is a one-man-army of musical talent. His years of crafting original heartfelt material & his relentless touring across Aus, North America and a recent appearance in the UK have added to MAXO’s resilience as an artist. 

Possessing smoky-rock vocals, akin to Marcus Mumford, MAXO marries this with a sound that stylistically is reminiscent of The Lumineers. In doing so, he indicates his well-seasoned nature as an artist that has seen him advance his ability in leaps and bounds. With this familiar yet unique style, MAXO’s makeover of Coldplay’s classic hit is sculpted into folk-rock serving of festive cheer that you must hear! The true merit of an artist is their ability to recreate as opposed to just replicate.

The decadent jingle-bell led introduction paves the way for the more saddening sentiment of heartbreak. However, the accompanying combination of upbeat and riff-centric choruses ensure it isn’t all doom and gloom as MAXO guides you through this ultimately uplifting listen. MAXO’s re-telling of ‘Christmas Lights’ amplifies the importance of togetherness at Christmas.

MAXO’s Journey With Мusic Gateway

MAXO first joined the music promotion roster back in March 2019, at which point we worked on his release ‘Light It Up‘. MAXO then joined the Artist Development roster after his success on the music promotion roster. This meant we could work more closely together in the run-up to his release ‘All For You‘.

In other words, we’ve been working closely with MAXO for a while and he’s practically family now! Hence we’re very happy to see him release this Christmas special. You can expect to hear much more about MAXO going forward so make sure to keep your eyes peeled!

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