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Profiling Music Producer BAXT

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BAXT, tell us a bit about yourself and your style of music? 

I’m BAXT (‘baxtproducer’ on social). I’m a London-based producer and remixer. I started playing the piano at a very early age. Growing up on the Isle of Wight I was always in bands. I ended up studying classical music at university and then moved to London. Living in London was a challenge initially as costs were high. So I had to get a ‘real job’ for a while in the tech industry.

I’m still early on in my career in music and there’s so much more to learn, so I’m asking everyone for advice, working with as many artists as possible and teaming up with great services like Мusic Gateway to ensure I get paid to do what I love.

How important is collaboration with other artists and expanding genres?

I don’t sing, so I need to co-write with artists all the time. This is also why I enjoy remix projects so much as there’s already a great vocal part to work with, meaning I can practice and get better at what I do best, which is forming the piano, synth, strings, bass and beats parts to make a credible and current track.

What are you looking for when collaborating with other artists?

This can be broken down into two answers. If i’m working with an artist just to write a great song it has different requirements to when I’m working with an artist wanting to write a song for themselves.

When writing for the sake of a writing a great song with a topliner, for example, I try to work with singers who have a knack for creating catchy hooks with current and relatable lyrics. I’ve gained a better understanding of the importance of phonetics in lyrics, as the sound of words have their own rhythmic quality. A lot of very big producers study this so to get my head around this is my next goal!

If I’m collaborating with an artist I’m more picky, as a great song is ultimately what will one day pay the bills! So I’m looking for uniqueness in their voice and approach to music.


What advice would you give to artists looking to develop on a platform like Мusic Gateway?

Мusic Gateway is a means for you to earn money for the work that you do which, as a musician, is extremely hard these days. When pitching on a project, I’d say treat it as professionally as you can, turn it around within the deadline, if not before, and be open to constructive criticism and changes.

Closing Thoughts About BAXT

That was great to learn about how BAXT works. Maybe it gives you ideas of remixing your own track. It is a great way to expand your fanbase and delve into new genres. You can get your tracks remixed by the likes of BAXT on Мusic Gateway by creating a project here.


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