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Movie Magic Scheduling – A Complete Review

Photograph of the blog post author, Jodie Francis

Jodie Francis


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Are you seeking an easy way of organizing and scheduling your film? Then you have come to the right place! In this article, we will be reviewing Movie Magic scheduling and everything that it can offer your project. 

movie magic

Sometimes everything becomes hectic and tricky when scheduling and budgeting for your film, and with the Movie Magic software, you are able to keep the process simple.

We will also provide you with some alternatives to Movie Magic so that you can make an informed decision. So, keep reading to discover whether Movie Magic offers filmmakers magic services!

What Is Movie Magic?

movie magic

So, what is Movie Magic? Put simply, it’s a form of breakdown software and desktop scheduling that helps filmmakers. It will produce documents used in film production. Data needs to be inputted manually into the breakdown sheets. 

It will then all be stored offline. The PDFs will then be generated and distributed manually. Using this software can help to organize your crew and ensure that everyone is on the same page they see the final draft as it were.

Make sure that you keep reading to discover everything that Movie Magic can offer!

What Does Movie Magic Do?

movie magic

So, what does Movie Magic offer filmmakers?

Here are the main features that you can use. 


This is where Movie Magic shines. It allows you to create a stripboard and uses flags and warnings to ensure that everyone is on the same page. These flags can also be used as conflict flags, and they arise to let the crew know that there will be an issue. Then it can be addressed promptly, and the schedule changed.

There’s a handy Day out of Days report (DOOD). This is vital for the smooth running of your production, as it tells everyone what days/times particular cast members are needed. 

Importing a script is simple, you can do it with a .fdx file format. This will allow you to categorize the various elements of your film that need to be kept track of. For example, a breakdown of the cast, shooting schedule, breakdown sheets, costumes, props, and many more. This allows you to sync and link the creative elements within the script.

Furthermore, this will help to keep everybody up to date with relevant or important changes made to the script throughout the production process.

You can make your own report and schedule templates to share with your crew. They can then be distributed digitally, meaning that there’s always something to refer back to. What’s more, it’s a paperless way of keeping track of everything, therefore it’s much safer –  there will be no worry about losing schedules. 

Budgeting & Estimating 

According to, you can also make good use of the stripboard for Movie Magic budgeting. This stripboard is digital and easy to use.

This is great for filmmakers, as it will allow everyone to keep track of budgets and ensuring that what you envision is within the budget for your project. 

Movie Magic Price

counting money

Now, let’s move onto the Movie Magic price.

According to the Movie Magic website, the cost of the Movie Magic service is an upfront fee of $489. This is for Movie Magic Scheduling 6.

You can also purchase it as a student or academic faculty member. This will cost $149. All include the following main features:

  • Red Flags – this feature will notify you and the crew of any scheduling conflicts. 
  • Element Linking – you can use this feature to break down your script by linking relevant elements together.
  • Import Your Budget – you can use this feature to move elements from your Stripboard over to your library.

Some of you may be wondering if there’s a Movie Magic software free trial, and unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be one at the moment. 

Is There A Movie Magic Scheduling Alternative?

Would you like to compare Movie Magic production software with others on the market? We have done all of the research for you!

Here are some great alternatives to Movie Magic. 

Movie Magic Scheduling vs Gorilla Scheduling

movie magic

First up, let’s compare Movie Magic and Gorilla Scheduling.

Much like Movie Magic, Gorilla Scheduling is a simple way to organize, schedule, and budget your film. When it comes to importing a script, they are both simple and easy to navigate. Both have similar categories, like props and costumes. 

Something that makes Gorilla Scheduling stand out here is that they also employ a color coding system. This is great for more visual workers. Gorilla Scheduling also has some extra features, such as a Location module where you can attach photos and information about where you want to shoot your scenes

In terms of the price, Gorilla Scheduling is significantly cheaper than Movie Magic, as it will cost you $249 to download. Overall, it’s a great Movie Magic scheduling alternative, particularly if you are working with a tight budget.

Plus, there’s a free trial for you to check out all of the features on offer. This can help you discover if Gorilla Scheduling is worth the price, as it allows you to gain first-hand experience with the scheduling software. 

Movie Magic Scheduling vs StudioBinder

studio binder logo

StudioBinder is a fantastic alternative to Movie Magic. It has a more modern feel, as it is a cloud-based solution platform.

It offers similar features, such as Import Scripts (FDX, PDFs, etc), Script Breakdowns, Stripboard Scheduling, and Reports (DOOD, etc). However, it also offers some great features that help you to collaborate with your team. For example, call sheets, calendars, script sides, and more. 

So, what about the price? StudioBinder has different planning prices. For the Indie plan you pay $29 per month and you can have up to ten projects. Included are the call sheets, storyboard, and shooting schedule features.

The Professional plan will cost you $49 per month and you can have up to 25 projects. The previous features are included, as well as script breakdowns and a production calendar.

Finally, there’s also a Studio plan that will cost you $99 per month. The number of projects for this plan is limitless. All of the previous features are included, in addition to custom branding and invite collaborators

There are also three Company plans for you to choose from, should these suit your needs more. The prices for these plans range from $249 per month for Agency, $399 per month for the Production Company plan, and $1,499 per month for the Enterprise plan. 

It could be argued that filmmakers may prefer StudioBinder for fast scheduling and breakdowns and online collaboration. However, some filmmakers may prefer to use Movie Magic if they enjoy an offline experience. It all comes down to your personal preference and what is best for your film production. 

Movie Magic Scheduling vs Assemble 

Assemble logo

Assemble is a great project management platform for filmmakers wanting to organize and schedule their projects. It offers users a range of services, such as task lists, feedback and approval tracking, production calendars, casting and location management, a call sheet builder, and more.

In comparison to Movie Magic, it offers more features. Furthermore, it’s easy to collaborate with your team and track the progress of your projects. 

So, how much does Assemble cost? It costs you $19 per month for all of the features. It allows you to work on up to five projects.

If you wish to upgrade your plan, then you can pay extra for more storage or projects. The good news is that you can use their 30-day free trial to discover if Assemble works for your needs. 

That Was Our Review

movie magic

That now completes our Movie Magic scheduling review! We hope that it was helpful and insightful for you. Many great features of Movie Magic can help to organize and schedule your film. For example, red flags will flag any issues or problems and allow you to fix them as soon as possible. We do believe that Movie Magic can be used for both film and television, but it is mainly used by filmmakers.

This is great for filmmakers as it could save you time and money. It’s easy to import your script and there are helpful categories to break everything up. There’s also a way for you to import your budget

The price of Movie Magic is one of the highest out there, and this may put some people off. There are some great alternatives out there, particularly StudioBinder, that offers a more modern approach to scheduling. What’s more, Movie Magic film doesn’t allow you to experience a free trial, and this would have been helpful in your decision-making process. 

Overall, Movie Magic offers some great features, and, if it’s within your budget, then go for it! If not, there are cheaper and more modern alternatives out there for you. Why not check out the free trials for StudioBinder and Assemble? This might help you to make your decision!

Have you ever used Movie Magic? Let us know about your experiences in the comment section below, we would love to hear from you!


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