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Music Gateway is expanding into film!

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Submit your film and/or TV show for distribution, we only take a small commission from your success!

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It costs nothing to submit and you can submit as many projects as you like!

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Simply upload your film and go!


Submit pitches for films & television shows to acquire investment from our network!

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We handle the rest so that you can focus on your craft!

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There’s no catch, our terms and conditions are available for you to check!

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We have tons more services for you to take advantage of

Need a hand finding music for your next project?

We can help you out with that! You can search our massive library of hugely talented independent artists!

Looking for funding for your next project?

We’ve put together a directory listing a variety of film investors and companies to help you make that all-important decision on who would be best to fund your film.

Youtube music micro licensing, trailers & marketing

We cater for various types of usage on YouTube including micro-licensing for both commercial and production music at affordable prices.

Want to learn more?

Our blog is filled with useful and interesting articles from camera recommendations to best films of all time for some nostalgia or inspo! There’s something for everyone!

Don’t believe us? see for yourself!

"Music Gateway reflects the reality of today, movement, freshness and technology at the same time. I love it!"

- Pamela Pagoano, Label Manager

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Streaming promotion artists image

Film Distribution is my nemesis!

We know it can be stressful and difficult to decide who you trust to distribute the child that is your film! There’s been no obvious way to distribute your film from just one place… up until now! No need to look elsewhere, we’ve got everything you need!

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All that and more!

We’re home to the world’s most talented independent artists, record labels and music publishers for original work and cover songs. Our music library has been curated with passion to help showcase the best of independent music and we provide worldwide licensing for all types of media. So, no matter how big or small your project, we can help make licensing creative, fun and stress-free.

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Help at any stage

It doesn’t matter to us which stage you’re at with your project or what your budget is, we’ll help you distribute your film!

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