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Best Nintendo Switch Games: The Best Nintendo Switch Games

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Sam Jones


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As we found ourselves confined to our own homes last year, many of us turned to the Nintendo Switch as our source of entertainment. Despite already being popular, the console saw a huge increase in popularity and sales shot through the roof. Unlike most industries, Nintendo benefited greatly from the pandemic. As we hopefully leave lockdowns behind us, however, our Nintendo Switches are here to stay. Thus, we wanted to present you with some of the best Nintendo Switch games to play this year. 

Best Nintendo Switch Games

The beauty of a Switch is its ability to be enjoyed by anyone no matter of age. The games available vary from Pokemon classics to intellectual puzzle games. The Switch exclusive games are also a huge incentive to buy the console with some amazing options. Even though it is a portable device, you can still play some of the best ever games. 

In the modern world, most of us don’t have time to sit down and play a game for hours. The Switch offers us our gaming fix on the go when the opportunity arises. When you do want a console experience, simply hook your switch up to a TV. This diversity is what makes the Switch stand out against any other gaming console. 

Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games

It’s time to get into our top 10 best games on Nintendo Switch. We wanted to bring you some hidden gems along with the obvious picks. With Switch gamers being such a diverse community, you deserve a diverse list! 

10. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury 

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

Starting off our list is this recent Mario edition. Released in February this year, this game saw huge popularity among younger players. It is part of the Super Mario 3D World and is a remake of the original Wii game.

In the game you play as Mario in a cat-themed world where the goal is to collect “Cat- Shines”. Bowser appears in intervals raining fire onto Mario and turning the world into an apocalyptic night. The game aims to expel the black sludge that has appeared in Lake Lapcat. Already this sounds like a crazy game! 

Upon release, this game became the best-selling video game in the US for that month. Aimed more at younger audiences, this is certainly one of the best Nintendo Switch games for kids. It’s simple with no reading involved but still fun for adults to play. 

9. Ring Fit Adventure 

Ring Fit Adventure

This is the most unique game on our list and maybe not one for a conventional gamer. Many of us enjoyed attempting to get fit, or just playing the Wii Fit. This integrated gaming exercise experience is a thing of the past with its release being 14 years ago! Nintendo has now brought out a predecessor to this game for the Switch with Ring Fit Adventure. 

Instead of simulating actual exercise as the Wii Fit did. Ring Fit Adventure takes you on a role-playing adventure through a fantasy world. The way you control your character, however, is through exercise. To refill your health bar you have to do some yoga. Doing an overhead shoulder press is how you attach an enemy. Instead of integrating a game into an exercise regime, this game integrates exercise into the gaming experience. 

You control the game by using a pilates ring and a leg strap which both hold a single controller. Due to the inaccessibility of fitness facilities, this game became hugely popular during the pandemic. This is the perfect balance between actually exercising and experiencing a role-playing fantasy game. 

8. Gorogoa 


Gorogoa is a puzzle game entwined with an interesting narrative. The goal of the game is to simply solve picture puzzles. Even though the gameplay is rather simple, the game’s story develops as you complete the puzzles. You guide a boy through a war-ridden land encountering a monster as the land is rebuilt. As you play, the boy ages and reflects on his past life. A rather deeper storyline than you would expect from a puzzle game.

The game was developed by Jason Roberts and took 6 years to complete! He decided to combine his love for art and graphic novels with a video game. Quitting his job, Roberts has a tough journey in developing this game. His efforts paid off, winning multiple awards for the visuals of the game. One beautiful feature is its accessibility to all. There is no official language within the game meaning anyone can play regardless of what language they speak. 

This interesting take on a puzzle game makes Gorogoa one of the best Nintendo Switch games for adults. You can use your brain power whilst living through an interesting and original storyline. 

7. Hollow Knight 

Hollow Knight

This Switch game after being released in 2017 received universal acclaim. Its visuals and sound are highly regarded by many gamers. Even though the gameplay is famously difficult, it puts gamer skills to the test and can leave you with a sense of accomplishment when successful. 

Nominated for multiple awards, the game received the title of best PC game in 2017 but failed to secure this title for Nintendo Switch. Nonetheless, this is still a prominent pick from the Nintendo Switch games.

The gameplay follows a nameless knight on his adventures through the plagued kingdom of Hallownest. As you progress you develop abilities to help you fight various bosses. The weapon of choice for this knight is nothing else but a snail! We adore this cute character and his journey to saving Hallownest from infection. 

6. New Pokemon Snap 

New Pokemon Snap

This game again proves Nintendo’s ability to release games that broaden our expectations of what the gaming experience is. Instead of just controlling a character, we see the integration of new gaming aspects. New Pokemon Snap is the perfect example of this. 

The original Pokemon Snap was released in 1999. The aim is to take pictures within the Pokemon world that are then accessed on their quality. This new release is a beautiful adaptation that has advanced greatly. 

As the player, you take photographs to aid the research of Professor Mirror. You travel around various stunning islands to take these snaps. The game contains 200 Pokemon that you can photograph undisturbed in their natural habitat. 

If you are looking for some action this isn’t the game for you. However, if you are looking for a soothing experience visiting some of your favourite Pokemon, this is the perfect game for you. 

5. Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2

This is the most recent addition on our list not actually being released yet. The original release date was late June but now should be arriving in the next few days. Despite the gaming experience still being unknown, this game is already set to be a well-received addition. 

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is a spinoff of the Monster Hunter games and a sequel to Monster Hunter Stories which was released in 2016. You hatch, raise, and live among monsters in this RPG Monster Hunter universe. The game starts with the worldwide disappearance of Rathalos as you investigate the causes behind this. 

Like we said, this game is not released yet so we can’t assure you it will be a success. Nonetheless, with the previous success of the Monster Hunter games we have high hopes this will be a great addition to the series. 

4. Super Mario Odyssey 

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is another 2017 release but still one of the best Switch games to play today. This game of course contains all the classic Mario characters but the gameplay is rather original. You play as Mario and his magical hat Cappy. Cappy allows Mario to control objects and characters on his adventure to save Princess Peach from Bowser. 

The other Mario games are typically targeted at a wide audience. Odyssey, however, is aimed more at core fans of the series. This originality is what gained the game much appraisal. Winning the game of the year award as well as other titles makes this addition one of the Nintendo switch’s best-selling games. Not only is it seen as one of the best Switch games, but one of the best out of all the Mario series! 

3. Animal Crossing: New Horizons 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This game was impossible to avoid when making this list. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has become maybe the most popular game among non-conventional gamers. At a time when many of us had very limited livelihoods, we lived our virtual lives in Animal Crossing. 

Animal Crossing is a life simulation game played in real-time. You are given an island that you can model however you like with available resources. One amazing fact about this game is its incredible effort in creating a fictional universe where people live fictional, but very personal lives. Even the seasons change depending on your actual location in the world. This attention to detail and life-like simulations is unmatched by any other game. 

This game went even further and allowed us to visit our friends when we couldn’t in reality. Up to 8 online players can occupy an island letting your friends visit your virtual home. This opportunity to live more fulfilling lives in a virtual world makes this the top pick for best multiplayer Nintendo Switch games.

2. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. is a highly regarded series in the gaming community. Bringing together all our beloved characters into one action-packed fighting game makes it hard not to love. 

This is the fifth addition to the series being very similar to the others. Even though the gameplay is very similar, we would never want it to divert dramatically from the original games. The main difference is the addition of a few new characters bringing us a total of 80 playable fighters!

The game was received well like any Super Smash Bros. is. The biggest challenge for the developers is keeping the original feel for the game but making it better and more interesting compared to the previous release. Once again, they did the perfect job with the game being recognised as the most complete edition in the series. 

Upon release, the game sold three million copies in 11 days. This makes Super Smash Bros. the fastest ever selling Switch game in the US. For Europe, it wasn’t just the fastest-selling Switch game, but the fastest ever selling Nintendo game! Quite the achievement.

1. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

We’ve reached our number one pick! Undoubtedly, the Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild is not only the best-rated Nintendo Switch game but one of the best games ever released. The response this game got was huge and is regarded as the best Switch game still 4 years after its release. 

This game wonderfully sticks with the feel of the original releases. The Legend Of Zelda series is one of the best game franchises in history. Modifying the game too much would have upset core fans. 

We play as Link as he awakes from a 100-year slumber to save the kingdom of Hyrule from Calamity Ganon. The freedom of how you explore is an aspect that has made this game so popular. You follow non-linear gameplay and adventure how you see fit. Unlike most games also, when presented with a challenge there are multiple ways to overcome it. This freedom to play how you like has made the series into the hit they are today. 

The acclaim this game received is extensive. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild was by far received as the best game of 2017 with a huge number of perfect reviews. Some even label it as the greatest videogame of all time!

That Was Our Review Of The Best Nintendo Switch Games For 2021

Best Nintendo Switch Games

Whether you’re looking for the best games for Nintendo switch lite or just some world-class gameplay, the Switch is not short of offering anything you could want. It allows us to play well-loved titles such as Mario and Zelda either from the comfort of your sofa on the big screen or on the go. This option to play portably or as a console makes the Switch the perfect diverse gaming system. No matter if you love solo campaigns, multi-players, action games, or puzzle games, the Nintendo Switch has it all.

We hope you enjoy reading our list of the top 10 best Nintendo Switch games. With so many prominent contenders it was hard narrowing down the option to just 10. We wanted to bring you the critically acclaimed best games as well as some alternatives to the usual gameplay. After reading this we hope you are off to play your own favourite Switch game!

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