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Music Business

How To Market Your Music: A Music Marketing Plan

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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Music marketing is such a vital component of a musician’s success nowadays – it always has been, but with so many avenues of marketing you can use to elevate your brand as it were, you need to bring your a-game. In this article, we will cover what a music marketing campaign actually looks like, the best music marketing agencies, and how social media will play a large role in your campaign and ultimately give you all those important music marketing tips to make everybody take notice of you.

What Is Music Marketing?

Creating a valuable marketing music structure is key to your longevity in this industry, even before you think about promotion, advertising, sales, branding etc. If you initiate a solid music marketing plan as an artist, then it will put you in good stead when going against other artists who are similar to yourselves and in the industry in general. But most importantly, your audience will get to know you as a brand and even more than just that. 

So, you have to ask yourself, how visible are you prepared to be, how well do you communicate with your fanbase and relate to them and of course what makes you authentic as an artist, so what can you bring to the table? That can be as a musician or in more physical terms, this could be merchandise, something your audience can buy from you and where you can make money. If you can answer all of these questions, then this is a good start, and something you can build upon. 


By being visible people find you online and you bring them right to you. This can happen in a number of ways and especially in terms of online music marketing – which if I’m honest is where most of it will take place, you can engage with people on various platforms. Music influencer marketing is the best way to showcase your talent and so your music is undoubtedly going to be listened to. It is even more important for you to showcase who you are as a brand and as a person. 

Social Media 

Currently, audiences are online much more and want to engage with others on platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube etc.. So you have to make your mark by being as visible as you can on these, as this way you can increase followers and then build your fanbase. You can’t just expect people to know about you, you have to lead them towards you and fully engage with them, so they listen to your music. In terms of social media, marketing your music is key to being successful in this industry as an artist. At Music Gateway, we will take you through a social media music marketing strategy. 

Podcasts & Blogs

If you want to sustain a music industry marketing campaign, then you could try writing blogs or producing a podcast as it is just another way to reach your audience. I don’t know about you, but I love a podcast or if I need to read up on a particular topic, then blogs are the way to go, as they are going to be written by someone who has the in-depth knowledge to share with their audience. 


If you are not engaging with your audience on a regular basis, then you need to focus more on this aspect. Look at the artists who are around right now, and they are reaching out to followers, creating content for them online, getting to know them whilst at the same time the audience will be getting to know them as a musician. You really do get what you put out there, and if you love music and it makes you happy, then it shouldn’t be too hard to get excited about sharing this with your followers. There will follow a sense of community centered around you if you do this right. As a well known music marketing company, we at Music Gateway can help you create a marketing strategy tailored to you and we aid you in promoting you and your music. We guide you along to achieve this visibility and secure a deep connection with your fanbase. 

What Can You Offer?

So what does this mean exactly and where does it lead? Your music! All the offers you have for your audience, then you can really promote these. I am talking about singles, albums, merchandise, gigs and you will find that people will want to buy tickets to your shows and buy or stream your music because of that relationship you have generated. And of course you need to be out there and shouting about your music from the rooftops first. 

There is no easy way to reach more fans, it takes time and effort and authenticity most importantly otherwise people will see straight through you. 

In short, the more people see you, the more they will care about what you can bring to their lives as followers and fans, so inevitably they will choose to invest in your new single or your tour because they feel like they know you and have a connection. 

You want to stand out from the crowd, find your fanbase and very importantly get paid for your music. Because if you can find a way to earn money by doing what you love, then you are onto a winner. 

Music Videos

Have you got a music video that can really make a statement about you and your music? It is an excellent way to become more visible within the industry and it gives people a chance to see your style in terms of creative decisions. People are much more visual than you think, and want to get to know the person. So if you haven’t produced a music video just yet, maybe brainstorm some ideas about what to communicate to your audience and I would suggest using your lead/most popular track to do this as you know it already has traction with your followers. 

Music Marketing Courses

In terms of progressing in your career as an artist, I would suggest looking into music affiliate marketing programs. These are online methods for selling music essentially and nowadays you really can make a decent buck online. There are examples of music marketing courses which increase your visibility and thereby you can earn money whilst doing it. You can do anything from providing masterclasses in a certain topic, but also sell used or new products online. The possibilities are endless. Your income will likely grow when the traffic on the site does too. In the world of affiliate marketing, music opportunities are everywhere and it is a method of promotion that seems to be evolving at a pretty significant rate, so make sure you are a part of it. 

Music Industry Marketing Reviews

Reviews are vital if you are deciding which music service platform will support you through your career. There are plenty out there and you should read what others have said about them. Do they offer a substantial range of services and have people been happy working with them etc? Take the time to really read up on their music strategy and find the best platform for you. 

How Can Music Gateway Help You

We all know that a targeted music marketing campaign can lead to increased sales and revenue via streaming, digital downloads, physical sales, higher-paying live performances, sync opportunities and other modes of income. So let us guide you through this process. What exactly does a music marketing plan template look like? Well, here is what we can provide for you. 

A&R Team

Our dedicated A&R team (Artists and Repertoire) will nurture you through how to create a tailored music marketing manifesto and be with you every step of the way. 

Your music marketing consultant can cover the following with you:

  • Single, EP or Album Release
  • Spotify Playlist Promotion
  • Radio Promotion
  • YouTube Promotion 
  • Press, Blogs, Music PR 
  • Facebook & Instagram Digital Marketing
  • TikTok Influencer Marketing
  • Sync Promotion

Whether you want to release a track very soon or one that you have decided needs to be in the next 3 to 6 weeks or even 6 to 12 weeks from now, we will be there, every step of the way. If you are not sure about how best to even release a track or want to discuss how to become more present and engaging on social media platforms and create that in-depth relationship with your audience you so wish for, then our team at Music Gateway can be on hand to deliver. We are known in the business for our music artist marketing skills, so trust in us to take your career to the next level. We can provide you with music marketing campaign examples that are tailored to you as an emerging artist or that of a more developed one. We take the time to really get to know you and suggest what would work best for you. No one campaign fits all at Music Gateway.  

Please send us a link to your music as a good starting point and we can go from there. You will then be provided with a free consultation with the team to discuss the next steps. Now of course we would say this, but if you want assistance with delivering a top-notch campaign, then look no further at one of the best music marketing platforms. 

Artist Managers & Artist Development

We have experienced Artist Managers and a dedicated Artist Development team to launch your career. 

Artist Development

We want to get to know you as an artist and what you as an authentic musician can hope to bring to your audience. What essentially makes you you? Where do you sit in the market and how do you break through and make a name for yourself, as a brand? Why should people listen to your music and we advise on how best to promote your individual music.  

We can offer sync licensing representation, promotion, music collaboration opportunities that you may not have experienced if you didn’t have our backing.  

We work with all levels of talent and that is why we have built such a strong reputation across the board. Our Artist Development program offers the opportunity for growth which is exactly what you are searching for as an artist. 

Our program covers these main aspects: 

  • Branding
  • Songwriting
  • Music Production
  • Promotion/Marketing
  • Networking
  • Live Performance
  • Vocal Ability

Music Management 

Don’t we all wish as artists there was an experienced team nurturing our career as we progress and having people to help us grow and develop in the industry?

At Music Gateway, we do just that. We can provide support in terms of strategy, mentorship, publicity & music opportunities and much more. We have strong connections within the business so you are best placed to elevate your career. We really do support the next generation of talented artists and are excited to see where they go. You will have a dedicated artist development manager who will mentor you and offer one-to-one sessions with industry professionals.

For 1 hour a month, you can have an in-depth session with your manager which is a great way to assess and review your recent work & achievements. 

Our team of dedicated artist managers have previously worked with the likes of The 1975, Young T & Bugsey, Joss Stone and Ghetts, as well as working for GRM Daily, Kerrang, Sony and Ministry of Sound. Don’t you think that grants us respect as one of the best music marketing companies 2021 and 2022? 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Now you know how to market your music and where to head for a dedicated team to progress in your career as an artist.

Remember, visibility, connection and what you can offer goes hand in hand with collaboration, being open to opportunities and having the backing of an incredible music service platform.


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