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Music Industry

Tips For Emerging Artists

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Emerging Artists

Are you an emerging artist looking for ways to make your mark in the art world? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This article will provide you with some essential tips to help you make your mark as an artist. We’ll discuss the importance of networking, developing your own unique style, and finding ways to showcase your work.

We’ll also cover the basics of creating a portfolio, marketing yourself, and staying organized. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to making a name for yourself as an emerging music artist.

Emerging Artists

With thousands of new songs emerging daily, it can be difficult for an up-and-coming musician to stand out in the crowded music industry. Without the backing of a major label or a substantial budget to promote their music, this task is even more daunting. Many emerging artists invest heavily in producing their sound but do not allocate enough resources towards their release, which decreases their chances of achieving success and creating a sustainable career in entertainment.

Here are our top tips for emerging artists…

Artists often feel an urgency to release their new music. It is essential to take the necessary time and steps to ensure a successful launch. Investing in the production of the track is critical; don’t rush an unfinished product or put money behind it. If making a release perfect means going back into the studio multiple times, then that’s what should be done.

From a consumer’s point of view, if you advertise an unfinished song it is unlikely to produce the desired results. However, if your product is of high quality and your ad is correctly targeted at your intended audience, you will be more successful in promoting your new release.

Organise your paperwork – emerging artists

Once you have completed your track and are ready to release it, it is important to make sure all legal aspects are taken care of. Obtaining a lease/full rights and clearing any samples used in the production of your track is essential.

Additionally, registering with a performing rights organization such as ASCAP or BMI will help with legal processes. It will ensure that you get paid for any royalties due to you from purchases, streams, etc. Keep all paperwork handy in case it is needed at any point in the future.

Get your music out there!


You do not need to rely on a record label to get your music out there. The decentralization of music has opened up a range of independent distributors, such as DistroKid, CD Baby, TuneCore and United Masters. Each one offers different prices and services that can benefit upcoming artists. To make sure you get the best results for your music, it’s important to look into each option and decide which one works best for you.

As an artist, it is essential to have your music available on a variety of platforms. Consumers are subscribed to multiple music services. They should be able to locate your song regardless of the platform they use for daily listening. To ensure that all potential fans can discover your song, you need to make sure it is accessible everywhere.

Be active on social media when releasing music


Before releasing new music, it is essential to be active across social media platforms like Spotify. This is to let people know what is coming and get them excited. Creating content such as promo clips and previews of the music can help build up anticipation for the release. TikTok is a great platform to use due to its potential for worldwide exposure. Posting short snippets or trendy videos can help an audio gain listens quickly.

Playlist promotion – emerging artists

If you’re looking to gain more listeners as an artist, focus on promoting playlists rather than individual songs. While it may seem like famous artists gain a lot of attention and praise by releasing individual tracks, the reality is that the more music you produce, the more people will hear it. Additionally, this is your chance to let people get to know you. It will give them something to enjoy in bulk if they like what you’re creating.

Marketing strategy and budgeting

Although it is possible for an artist to go viral with little to no promotion, having a budget behind your song will help ensure that it receives the proper exposure. It is wise to consider the various options available, such as developing a DIY plan or outsourcing your marketing.

Building relationships with music industry professionals and creating a solid marketing plan and budget are essential steps in the release process. Typically, these plans can last anywhere from 30 days to 180 days and involve digital ads, streaming promotion/playlisting, press releases and social media promotion.

Emails and blogging


Gaining new listeners as an artist can be achieved by utilizing the many blogging services and email marketing that are available today. Contrary to popular belief, statistics show that email marketing is still the most successful form of marketing. Additionally, there are numerous music blogging websites which feature upcoming artists and provide a great platform for more exposure and reach.



Mailchimp is an email marketing service used to send out newsletters, automated emails, and targeted campaigns. It allows users to create and manage their own email lists, design email templates, and track the performance of their campaigns.

Create goals

When aiming to gain new listeners, it’s important to set goals that are achievable within a certain period of time. For example, if you’re using YouTube, you could set a goal of achieving a certain amount of video views. This will help you create an effective plan to reach your goal and consequently attract more listeners.

Final thoughts

Navigating the music industry as an artist can be daunting, given its current level of saturation. However, by carefully implementing the steps outlined above, you can increase your chances of success and observe how your audience responds to your new music with confidence.


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