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The Best Music Artists 2021

Photograph of the blog post author, Jon



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2021 was a great one for music and we wanted to reflect on the best music artists! Despite a global pandemic, the amount of insane music being created and released didn’t dip at all. So let’s go back and see which artists really hit the ground running.

Music Artists 2021

Who Were The Music Artists 2021?

Each year, we create a list of artists and bands who we think are going to soar in their careers in the next year. Artists who are having their talents realised by the world. We hope that by showing you some of our favourites, it’ll help get them recognised. Plus showing you some music you might not have stumbled upon before! We want you to be the first on the scene with these artists, so here’s our list of those who really made a mark on the music industry in 2021!

Before we dive into our list, let’s take a look at some of the top picks for the big industry players!

Amazon Music’s list included: Alfie Templeman, Baby Queen, Biig Piig, Bree Runway, Griff, Holly Humberstone, Ivorian Doll, JOSEF, Olivia Dean, Pa Salieu, Berwyn, Bklava & Girl in Red.

The BBC Sound of 2021 had: Alfie Templeman, Bree Runway, Dutchavelli, Greentea Peng, The Lathums, Holly Humberstone, Berwyn, Girl In Red & Griff.

VEVO’s Ones To Watch 2021 list included: GRACEY, Finn Askew, Flo Milli, Olivia Dean, Toosii, Alfie Templeman, Bow Anderson & Giveon.

Music Artists 2021

Alfie Templeman was a recurring name as was Berwyn, both with super different sounds. Looks like 2021 had an abundance of variety and something for all!

Crossovers in the lists included Holly Humberstone, Olivia Dean, Greentea Peng and Griff. It seems those artists were definitely high on the list for exciting times ahead! 

We gave each member of staff the chance to say who they think would skyrocket their career in 2021. Check out who we were keeping our eye on below!

Music Artists 2021

Our List

Heather: Griff, Vaughan, Nicholson Heal, Olivia Dean, Rane Raps

Mary: Cassia, King No-One, Covasettes, Holly Humberstone, Outlya

Jack: VALERAS, Calva Louise, Cleopatrick, Arlo Parks, Mona Mula

Lee: Crow, Late Night Legacy, Treece Kid, Ndure, July Bailey

Sophie: Lyra, Maya Delilah, Beth Million, Hamzaa, Green Alderson

Sam: Jimkata, Josh Savage, Little Thief, Deraj, RVBY

Viraz: DC, NAYANA IZ, Greentea Peng, Deraj, HansSOLO x Jaden Castro

Priya: Unicorns, The Howl & The Hum, Normandie, Cassia, Corella

Rachael: 20 Milk, Romy, Claud, Joan, Kid Sistr

Ella: Darling BOY, Paul Thomas Sanders, Sudan Archives, TVAM, Britney Stoney

Becca: MORGAN, Odeal, Nippa, Mnelia, Berna, LZee

Chris: Trash Boat, Action/Adventure, Static Dress, Hot Milk, Belmont

Leila: Darling BOY, Nikkita, Isiah Dreads, Jamaal Marvel, Nath Smith

Matt: Dancing on Tables, Marsicans, Hardcastle, Pale Waves, Saint Raymond

Check out our Artists To Watch 2021 Playlist here. We collated all of our choices plus those of Amazon Music, Vevo and BBC!

Music Artists 2021

Summary – Music Artists 2021

There you have it! Those were the music artists in 2021 that hopefully you have been listening to – or certainly will do now. We will more than likely look into the music artists of 2023, so look out for this article soon.


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