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Check Out YODMG’s Soulful Heartbreak Hit ‘Homesick’

Photograph of the blog post author, Sophie Belle

Sophie Belle


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“Imaginations dominated, lockdown in my feelings”


YODMG music

YODMG is an aspiring Indonesian artist, currently based in Sydney. She is trying to make her dreams come true by turning her pain into beautiful art. She was born and raised in Jakarta, and then moved to Sydney where she continues to pursue her interests in music.  Her authenticity is shown throughout her life by always being bold in expressing her feelings.

She began her journey as ‘Rich Brian’ cover singer on YouTube with more than 200k views.

Her debut EP ‘Switchin’ Position’, released in 2019 consists of 7 songs which are 7 different stories written from 7 different stages she had to go through in her love life. Throughout the project it is clear that integrity and authenticity are an important part of YODMG’s art.

Developing Her Artistry

In the past YODMG stuck to a mostly RnB and Hip Hop sound, such as on ‘Switchin’ Position’. Now as the songstress grows artistically she is bringing out a wider range of genres such as Neo Soul, Lo-Fi Pop, Jazz, and Gospel. Her unique artistry such as the psychedelic and darker influences in her music will still remain, in part thanks to her strong character.

YODMG has been actively serving under her Indonesian youth community in Sydney, Australia. She is part of the Music Ministry which has shaped, motivated, and grown with her for the past 3 years. YODMG has found her confidence and is able to experiment with more complicated, unique and surprising elements of her talents.

Since her development and growth, YODMG describes herself with the perfect analogy of “eating ‘Nasi Campur’, a traditional Indonesian dish which literally translates as Mixed Rice, you will surely get a surprising different taste and feeling in its richness through each and every bite”.

Why You Should Check Out Homesick…

Her recent release, ‘HOMESICK’, depicts a feeling of longing for something that is absent. YOMDG’s mellow single is inspired by real toxic relationships around her. Throughout the track we hear her depicting how both parties are aware that their ‘love’ has become unhealthy for each other’s growth, though it is too painful to leave.

I found myself entranced by producer Jaybag’s smooth joyful beat. While the lyrics may be emotional, the instrumental had me swaying along at my desk. At points the track slows, the guitar and drums sounds mellow out, and the lyrics take centre-stage. Until the instrumental builds to its peak for the raspy outro.

YODMG’s soulful vocals drive the song throughout. I found Jon Nicklin’s deep, melodious vocals to be a welcome addition to the track. The duo create a harmonious tone with their overlapping vocals, until we return to YODMG’s solo singing.

What Is She Working On Now?

Since its release at the end of 2020 HOMESICK has achieved more than 1k streams on Spotify!

YODMG continues to work on and release new tracks. Her latest release on April 18th, RÊVERIE is another pleasingly soulful tune. The single focuses on a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream, and a fictional love story that catches romantic moments of imaginary lovers.

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