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How To Create A YouTube Artist Channel

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Cristian Poow


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youtube artist channel

There are two main reasons behind every artist’s wish of having a verified Youtube Artist channel. The first is social approval and the sense that verification has a special value or greater importance than perceived. Second, you can access a new package of features and deeper stats that will allow better management of career strategies.

If you are one of those people, then you don’t want to miss this guide on how to get an official artist channel on YouTube. Keep reading for everything you need to know!

What is a YouTube Artist Channel?

A YouTube artist channel is a dedicated channel on YouTube that features the content of a specific artist, such as their music videos, live performances, interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage. It allows fans to easily access all of an artist’s content in one place and provides a platform for the artist to connect with their audience.

Why Have An One?


Social media users are not naive. They know very well that a verified profile has much more credibility and delivers more trust than other “unofficial” channels. For that one reason, you have to claim a YouTube artist channel.

Most musicians and music producers already have their official artist channel on YouTube. That allows them to get more reach into the mainstream industry and increase the budget they will work with.

Having a YouTube official artist channel is much more than just “the badge”.

How To Get An Official Artist Channel On YouTube


The requirements prior to obtaining a YouTube music artist channel are not complicated. However, they must be strictly complied with.

Firstly, you must be the owner of the channel that will become the verified profile. It must clearly represent your music career.

You must have a minimum of 3 music videos or 3 official releases that can be traced if coming out from a distributor. If you work with the likes of Мusic Gateway or DistroKid you are likely to have a chance.

Additionally, it is important not to have any strikes, policy issues, or censorship on the channel.

It may seem old school, but there is no web form or web page available at the moment when requesting a verification. So, if you are wondering how to make a YouTube artist channel you should send an email to YouTube Artist Support to let them know.

Here, you will be sending the appropriate information to begin the process. For example, the full name of the artist or band, the URL of 3 music videos, and the data of the record labels you work with if you are not going independent.

As the days go by, a YouTube representative will contact you to confirm that the process has started. Going forward, they will contact you with updates.

How Long Does It Take To Get A YouTube Artist Channel?

youtube artist channel

YouTube artist channel requests typically take from a month up to a full year, depending on the demand. As the process takes place, YouTube representatives will be looking over your channel to see that all the requirements are still being met. They will be checking that you are growing as you create and upload content.

If at some point your channel becomes very famous, you have a much better chance of being verified quickly. YouTube knows that this represents a good deal and they will not miss that for a day.

A YouTube representative will contact you to confirm that you are about to get your official artist channel. They will begin to migrate and merge your content with the rest of the music video uploads. As well as prepare the new layout, and have your access ready for the deeper statistics in order to continue working to improve the channel.

Changes To The YouTube Studio Layout


As the platform suggests, when you have an official artist channel, the YouTube studio layout will eventually change and become more complete.

Your content will be much more organised. The channel display will now include the music and videos you have uploaded. Furthermore, the discography will be organized by albums and singles. However, you can sort and/or delete them whenever you want.

Additionally, you can choose what to show users once they enter the channel. This section is editable for new users and also for subscribers.

Now You Know How To Get An Official Artist Channel On YouTube 

youtube artist channel

Now that you know how to make an official artist channel on YouTube, you need to think about all the work you have to do before submitting the request.

Keep in mind that if you fail in any of the requirements, it will be very difficult to try again due to the demand.

After you have met the necessary conditions to start preparing new promotional strategies, it may attract the attention of people interested in investing in your projects or joining as collaborators.

Lastly, it’s worth knowing that the YouTube Studio contains a section for creators with fresh ideas. This is updated every week in order to help artists and influencers to continue working. It helps the platform keep its quality standards and in turn, you all have deserved income in your pockets.

Check out our artist management page where you can work with our team of industry-leading managers to get your career moving in the fast lane.

We hope that you found this article useful. Be sure to share it across your socials with your fellow artists and give us a tag @musicgateway! We love interacting with you!


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