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The Award Winning ‘StageIt’ – Great for Independent Artists

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“A front-row seat to a backstage experience”

Ever since the announcement that StageIt had won Midem’s 2013 Direct-To-Consumer Sales and Magnetisation award, there has been a buzz about the website. Not that they really needed to win awards to prove themselves – the idea speaks for itself.

Perform to fans via StageIt from the comfort of your own home!

StageIt allows a musician to stream a live concert from anywhere in the world. It’s a unique and novel way for performers to connect with their fans and make money. But the simplicity of the concept really does leave you wondering why no-one had ever thought of it before.

The performer can sell tickets for the shows using StageIt’s currency called Notes, which have to be paid for. Generally, however, the artist can make more money from StageIt’s tipping system that allows fans to donate money while the performance is happening. And of course, it doesn’t just have to be about the money; it’s also another way for a performer to impress their fans and even reach a wider audience.

The internet has made it possible for smaller artists to have a fan-base spanning many countries and continents. And it’s not always going to be possible for the artist to tour the far-flung corners of the world.

StageIt can afford remote fans the opportunity to see their favourite performers live without having to pay out vast sums of money to travel. The sets are limited to 30 minutes with a 20-minute encore and they are not recorded. This is designed to give the fans that have paid to watch the show more of a unique experience.  

Another interesting element of the product is the interactivity it affords the watchers. Fans can request songs and talk to the artists while the performance is happening which can give the gig a very intimate atmosphere.

StageIt continues to improve; they have placed the emphasis firmly on allowing artists to give the best possible performance to their fans. That way, everyone is happy.

StageIt could put that extra penny in your pocket, share this post around to anyone that could also benefit from the service! And of course, all comments welcome!

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