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Copyrights World offer Free Copyright Protection

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Copyright is quite a broad and sometimes confusing topic. Before we carry on, if you’re not 100% sure about how copyright works, I would recommend reading this article.

Even though copyright is an automatic right, sometimes artists are concerned about other artists using their intellectual property without permission. In such a case if the dispute isn’t resolved it could lead to court, where the original owner of the copyright would have to provide proof that they were the original creator of the work.

Here is where Copyrights World comes in. You own the copyright, but they offer protection over it. Once a copyright is submitted with them this is how the service works:

Copyrights world offer 15 Songs + 30 Lyrics worth of Copyright Credits to 3 successful pitchers on their Мusic Gateway project. You can check the project out and pitch on it here:

Offering Free Copyright Protection for your Songs & Lyrics

This will result in you having piece of mind that your copyrights are fully safe with the hard evidence to back it up. Protecting your rights is important in this industry so this will be worth the while.

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