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How To Make An Album On SoundCloud

Photograph of the blog post author, Carla Johnson

Carla Johnson


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SoundCloud is a popular music streaming platform that millions of people worldwide visit on a monthly basis. It is one of the top places to find original and new tracks. As well as music from all over the world. One of the main features that SoundCloud offers its users is the ability to generate an album that includes all the newest tracks. This is why we have made the ultimate guide on how to make an album on SoundCloud.

how to make an album on soundcloud

How To Make An Album On Soundcloud

SoundCloud has produced a musical culture. Where millions of independent artists connect with each other, share music, and even be appreciated by bands and labels.

This allows you to discover music on SoundCloud that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere online. If you’re an emerging artist and you are trying to get recognition on SoundCloud, then you should make the most of the album feature.

Without further ado, here is how to upload an album on SoundCloud! Let’s get started.

Why Make An Album On SoundCloud?

How to make an album on SoundCloud

If you are a music artist and want to get acknowledged for the music you have been making, then creating an album on SoundCloud might just be for you!

It doesn’t only give you an idea of how a record label and famous musicians release music, but it also produces excitement around your music.

Here are some reasons why you should make the most of SoundCloud’s album feature:

It’s A Better Way To Organise Your Music

Having your album on SoundCloud will help with your organisation.

When your music is more organised, you won’t need to spend time scrolling through a load of irrelevant tracks to find the music that you are looking for.

It is also simpler for your fans to listen to all of the tracks that you wish to share with them.

Improved Listening Experience

If you are hoping that an auditor for SoundCloud will come along and listen to your tracks, then it’s going to be simpler for them to find them if they’re all in one place.

Not only does it improve the listening experience. It’s going to be simpler for auditors to find your profile again and locate all of the tracks they’re looking for in the album.

If they can easily find your music on your profile and the album, this is going to raise its visibility.

Gain Additional Exposure

When you officially release an album on SoundCloud, you are developing your chances of visibility. You develop recognition, and also followers.

People will be enquiring about what you have recently released. As well as being more likely to check out your entire album.

It’s an excellent way to engage and create hype surrounding your music as well as inspire people to hear it.

Greater Sales

Growing your SoundCloud account may reach a point where you can gain money from it. This will give you the chance to monetise your music.

As listeners subscribe to your music, you may earn an acceptable amount from it.

As we said above, if you decide to make a playlist on SoundCloud, you are able to organise your music easily. This is the reason why listeners will come back time and time again as they know they can quickly find it.

You will also make more money the more times your tracks are played.

How To Make An Album On SoundCloud

Music Streaming Platform

The best thing about SoundCloud is it is easy to create albums – if you were wondering how to make a playlist an album on Soundcloud.

In only four steps you can compose your favourite tracks, and make a collection of your favourite music. Or, the music that you have produced yourself.

Let’s jump in.

How To Make An Album On Soundcloud

1. Sign Up To SoundCloud

When you are making an album with SoundCloud, firstly, you have to create an account.

You can sign in using your existing login credentials, or as a new user, you will need to sign up for a free SoundCloud account.

It is recommended that you make a striking profile so it can entice people to use the platform.

2. Make A Playlist

To create a SoundCloud album, you need to have a current playlist of tracks.

Either add songs from a particular artist to your playlist or upload your own music to it.

3. Compile Tracks

Consolidate songs from other artists by going to the song you wish to add and select ‘add to playlist’.

From there you are able to add a song to a playlist that currently exists. Alternatively, you can choose ‘create new’ to start a new playlist.

4. Upload New Tracks

Upload your own tracks to your playlist by selecting the ‘upload’ button which is next to the search bar.

Click ‘choose a file to upload’ then you will be able to upload the tracks you want to create a playlist. There is also the choice of uploading a selection of files at once.

After you have uploaded all of your tracks, you can improve your playlist to increase discovery by editing each one separately.

5. Save & Edit Your Playlist

As soon as you have added the music tracks to your playlist, it is recommended that you select a clear title for it.

You can also change its privacy to public, to ensure it can be discovered by other users of the platform. When you have chosen your title and made it public, click on the ‘save’ button.

Are you wondering, how to make an album on Soundcloud mobile? To make your playlist into an album, go to the edit page of the playlist, and locate the option for ‘playlist type’ under the basic section.

Select ‘album’ from the dropdown menu, then your playlist will be altered into an album.

6. Pick The Release Date

The good thing about SoundCloud is you are able to choose the release date for your album. So, if you don’t want to set it to public immediately, you don’t have to. This means you can choose when you want it to go live so that other SoundCloud users are able to listen.

When you have selected your release date you can set it in the ‘edit playlist’ section. Edit and add information. This includes descriptions, genre, and any additional tags which are going to help optimise your album for search purposes.

As soon as you feel your album is ready for release, you can find it under the ‘albums’ tab on the homepage of your SoundCloud profile.

So long as your album is set to public, everyone who is on SoundCloud will have the option to listen to it.

For information on the best time to release music, check out our article on When Is The Best Time To Release Music & A Music Video?

Now You Know How To Make An Album On SoundCloud


There you have it! That was our guide on how to upload an album on SoundCloud.

If your passion lies in generating new music, then it is highly recommended that you check out SoundCloud. You can use all of the features to your advantage and once you create an album on SoundCloud, you will be able to share your music around the world with whoever wants to listen.

The best thing is you can do it all in an organised way, and are able to optimise your music for extra sales.

Additionally, with SoundCloud, you can find new artists, as well as be discovered yourself. Record labels and bands can search your music, so make sure you look at all its features.

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We hope that you found this guide useful! Be sure to share it across your socials with your fellow musicians and tag us @musicgateway! We love interreacting with you all!


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