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Minimoog iPad Review

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Music Gateway Team


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minimoog ipad review

Welcome to the Minimoog Ipad review!

Minimoog is a virtual synthesizer app for the iPad. It is a recreation of the classic Minimoog analogue synthesizer from the 1970s, allowing users to create and manipulate sounds using a touchscreen interface.

The Minimoog app is a great way to explore the classic sound of the Minimoog synthesizer. 

This Minimoog Ipad review will talk about the range of features that make it easy to create your own sounds. The interface is simple and intuitive, and the sound quality is excellent.

Minimoog Ipad review overview

This app is an ideal choice for anyone wanting to produce and perform music on their mobile device. It is user-friendly and features a range of sounds and effects to choose from. With its integrated sequencer and recording functions, it is perfect for those wishing to make their own music. Moreover, the app comes at a low price point, with the option of downloading it for free. In conclusion, the Minimoog app is an excellent resource for anyone looking to create and play music on their phone.

Minimoog Ipad review – synth has great integration capabilities, such as Audiobus, Inter-App Audio, and AUv3 support. This allows for the use of the synth in combination with other iOS instruments or DAWs. Additionally, it has Ableton Link support which enables wireless synchronization with desktop or mobile devices. Furthermore, MIDI controller options are available including MPE controllers like Roli Blocks and simple MIDI CC assignment to any interface parameter. Lastly, audio can be exported and shared using the looper feature.

As this is a Minimoog Ipad review, we also need to point out things that could be improved. We would prefer a built-in sequencer in our mobile synths, as there are many sequencing options available through other apps, hardware or a DAW. We like the convenience of being able to create our sketches on the go. The Looper is useful but only captures audio, not allowing us to edit synth parameters while it plays back.


  • Virtual analogue synthesizer: The Minimoog app features a virtual analogue synthesizer with 3 oscillators, a noise generator and a low-pass filter.
  • Step sequencer: The app also includes a step sequencer that allows you to program up to 32 steps per sequence.
  • Effects: The app includes a variety of effects, such as delay, reverb, chorus and distortion.
  • Presets: The app includes a library of presets to help you get started.
  • MIDI support: The app supports MIDI input and output, allowing you to use the Minimoog app as a controller for other MIDI-compatible devices.
  • Audio recording: The app allows you to record your creations in WAV and AIFF formats.
  • iCloud support: The app allows you to store your creations in iCloud for easy access across multiple devices.

Minimoog Ipad Review closing thoughts

Overall, the Minimoog app is an excellent choice for anyone looking to explore the classic sound of the Minimoog. The app is generally well-received by users. It offers a variety of features, including a virtual keyboard, a range of sounds and a number of effects. Many users have praised the app for its realistic sound and intuitive interface.

We hope this Minimoog Ipad review helped you!

Click here for the download link – IOS
Click here for the download link – Android


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