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Music Promotion

What Are Radio Pluggers?

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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Radio pluggers are people who work to get music played on the radio. They work with radio stations and DJs to promote and plug songs, albums, and artists. Radio pluggers use their contacts and relationships in the music industry to get music played on the radio. They also work to keep up with the latest trends in music and to promote new releases.

Radio pluggers are important because they are responsible for promoting music to radio stations. By doing this, they help to get the music heard by a wider audience. This helps to increase the exposure of the artist and can lead to increased sales and recognition. 

Radio pluggers work closely with radio stations to ensure that the right songs are played and that the artist receives the appropriate amount of airplay. They also help to build relationships between the artist and the radio station, which can be beneficial for both parties.

Radio pluggers

How Do Radio Pluggers Get Paid?

Radio pluggers typically get paid on a commission basis, meaning they receive a percentage of the revenue generated from the songs they plug. They may also receive a flat fee for their services.

What Radio Stations Do Radio Pluggers Work With?

Radio Pluggers typically work with commercial radio stations, college radio stations, internet radio stations, and satellite radio stations.

Radio Pluggers And Record Labels

Record labels and radio pluggers typically work together to get an artist’s music played on the radio. Radio pluggers are employed by record labels to promote and market an artist’s music to radio stations. They contact radio stations, DJs, and other radio industry personnel to coordinate airplay for the artist’s music. 

They also work to secure interviews and other promotional opportunities for the artist. Radio pluggers also track airplay and monitor radio stations to ensure that the artist’s music is being played. They use this data to report back to the record label and artist. This data helps the label and artist to determine which songs are most popular and successful with radio audiences.

Radio Pluggers In The Digital Music Industry

Radio pluggers may not be as necessary for today’s music industry. With the rise of digital streaming platforms, independent artists are able to promote their music on their own without the need for a radio plugger. 

However, if you do choose to use a radio plugger, Music Gateway can help you promote your music on radio stations and get your tracks listened to. 

Our radio promotion team has a powerful network of contacts they can leverage to get your music played on the best radio station for you.

Our approach is tailored to suit each artist, carefully planning each campaign to deliver results. With 30 years of combined industry experience, we leverage our powerful network of influencers & professional tastemakers to help you get the best results.

We have a hardworking team of radio pluggers working directly with some of the biggest radio stations in the world. We work to get you heard – whatever your genre.

Radio pluggers

Closing Thoughts

So that is our article all about radio pluggers, I hope you have found it enlightening and now you can decide whether you choose to use one or not. Ask your manager or agent – if you have one, about the best way to find and use a radio plugger and get your music out there for the world to hear. Good luck!


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