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Music Marketing For Different Age Groups

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Different Age Groups

Different Age Groups

Music will always be in everyone’s life as long as we live. Marketing music to different age groups who enjoy different genres of music is essential to the people who will end up buying their songs or albums getting them to the top of the charts. In terms of what are the different age groups called, most teenagers and young adults (between the ages of 13-30) are most likely going to listen to the same type of music. These will be mainstream artists whose music you can stream on DSPs. Additionally, their music is played on the radio. When you get to the Over 60s, most seniors like music with no cussing words that relax both themselves and their minds.

First Things First

Let’s just say you have no idea about the age of your listener and want to give the listener a different type of experience. Mainstream artists on the charts such as Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Adele, Luke Bryan, Bruno Mars, and Jay-Z just to name a few, are great examples of inspiration in this area.

This may result in an increase in the adventurous/different types of music you choose to use. Hosting listening sessions is a good way where we can find out what kind of music or artists these individuals prefer. Helping you better understand your audience’s musical preference and the understanding of marketing to different age groups.

Different Age Groups

The Use Of Technology

Another way of marketing music to different age groups is by using different music applications. What we mean by this is streaming music online through services like Pandora and i-heart radio. It enables consumers to listen to music and artists they like at the same time. In addition, they can also stumble across other artists the streaming platform may refer them to. With the bonus option of either buying a physical album/single or downloading digital formats that please their music palate. As an artist, you may even result in using different innovative methods to get consumers to listen to your music. For instance, we advise a special promotion on radio stations. Furthermore, you can host an exclusive listening party and see whether your targeted audience is mostly teens or university/college students.

Now, we all know that streaming music is extremely popular with younger generations. You can stream music through DSP services like Spotify or iTunes. You can see the difference between Spotify listeners already in terms of both the free and premium accounts. This brinsg together the best of both paid downloads and free streaming.

Another core example is that marketers keep an eye on consumer spending habits. As a consequence, they keep the price lower. This way they appeal to the younger consumers’ that are reluctant to use the pay to hear the music.

Different Age Groups

In today’s society, different artists are being formed around the world every year. Each record label has their own way of getting their artists to compose their songs. Hip-hop artists working with rock artists create new music to for hiphop & rock fans. This will help to gain more exposure to all the different age groups.

Consumers have their own preferred genre of music that they would like to listen to. Almost all teenagers are likely to listen to these styles of music. These include hip-hop, pop, r&b and rock music. Older generations may like softer, quieter happy type of music. For example; jazz, blues, country, and classical.

Summary About Music Marketing In Different Age Groups

Different age groups have their own preference towards music. Peer groups influence an artist’s music who has a targeted audience of a particular age demographic. The younger generations are into emo & punk & K-Pop. In comparison, the millennial generations are most likely into Justin Timberlake, Lumineers & Adele types of music.

Music is an important part of people’s daily life, whatever the different age groups. Whether the consumer subscribes to a streaming service or open up a simple phone application like Pandora or I-heart. Either way, a marketer must observe each generation and age group to identify what types of music they are listening to reach their target market consumer.

Written by Susan Hu

Susan has a number of degrees under her belt including a Music and Recording major and a Bachelor’s Degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. She was a professional red carpet host and journalist for 3 years with WTV Networks in Los Angeles, California and also is an aspiring actress. She currently works as a Communications / Social Media Director for the International Film Festival in Manhattan, NYC and The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Emmy.

You can find Susan on Facebook, follow her on Instagram and check out her Twitter.


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