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‘Spinning Wheel’: The Single By Flo Chase

Photograph of the blog post author, Jonathan Robinson

Jonathan Robinson


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Flo Chase

Blending immediately recognisable elements indie-folk/pop and, country, and edmFlo Chase brings us ‘Spinning Wheel’. 

Spinning Wheel

‘Spinning Wheel’ introduced us right away to Flo Chase’s emotionally weighted lyricism. He earnestly delivers phrases such as ‘…no holy water shuts off the flame…like your spinning wheel won’t ever see the end’. He poetically addresses the subject of the piece. These statements foretell the repeated crux of the song ‘I’d give it all just to spend another night alone with you’. 

Compositionally, the track is appropriately simple. With the instrumentation serving to deliver the songs’ direct message on a backdrop of a modern pop hit. 

We begin with a simple strummed progression that quickly evolves into the gentle rhythms of country basslines. It is accompanied by a lead guitar playing muted embellishments around the chord tones. This short section serves only as an interval to the first of many rounds of the hook.

And Then?

Enter energetic yet withheld drums, akin to a simplified drum and bass track. The restraint heard in the drums is joined by a lead synthesizer/horns sound mirrored in hurried acoustic guitar rhythms, recalling classic Avicii efforts. 

As it seems the track is about to launch into its peak we’re returned to the gentle mix of harmonious voices and picked strings, backed up by some subtle brushwork. Slowly increasing in instrumentation and building to repeat the first hook, the song feels louder and more dynamic, dragging us right back in for the same dancey moment of lead synth and horns.

One last time, the layer of sounds falls away and simplifies, all attention for a moment on acoustic guitar and harmonica. Rapidly buildings with echoes of the chorus, backing vocals swirling in the stereo field, production techniques favoured with this combination of sound and always effective (see Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker). ‘Spinning Wheel’ reaches its peak, all of its intentions on display. The simple yet powerful lyricism, and the hectic yet balanced combination of sounds throwing out of all spaces made all form together into one theatrical finale for the track.

‘Spinning Wheel’ is an anthem of the modern state of pop. Embracing traditional and recognisable sound combinations with a radio friendly sound, but with no trace of compromise on content. This piece is a statement of its genre, and the quality we may expect from this sound.

  • Overall rating: 9/10
  • Pairs well with: Wake Me up – Avicii

About Flo Chase

Multi-instrumentalist Flo Chase crafts indie pop songs with emotional content, reflect his past experiences with heartbreak in life.

At 24 years old, Flo made a recent move to Los Angeles to embark on his own American dreams, and sets out to continue developing his craft and creating more great tracks.

Stream ‘Spinning Wheel’ on Spotify:

Spinning Wheel

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