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Gumshoe – ‘Time I Spent I’ll Never Get Back’

Photograph of the blog post author, Jonathan Robinson

Jonathan Robinson


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‘Time I Spent I’ll Never Get Back’ by Gumshoe is a contemporary love letter to the 80’s, a well written and perfectly executed for a memorable and catchy theatre of retro sounds with a modern coat of paint.

‘Time I Spent I’ll Never Get Back’

Immediately hit with Kevin Parker style production, the forceful and snappy minimal drum selection creates the mood to be followed. Trailing synth tones fill the space with a nostalgic glaze, emphasised by glistening distant harmonies

Melancholic and honest lyricism supplies a stylish bed of atmosphere as the first verse sets in. With dashings of neo-psychedelic reverb tones and soft falsetto deliver, the vocal performance varies and overlaps but never disappoints.

Pulling together wide open soundscapes through the use of stereo delays, the track never allows itself to feel cluttered. Instead feeling like a voice in an open auditorium with instrumental delivery on all sides. Of note regarding this is the intermittent bass melodies that fill the stereo field with just enough grit and presence to command your attention but not to alter the serene and enveloping headspace of the piece. This same sound is used as a duet, battling against and working with the voice to fill the chorus.

No room for distraction, the hook is strong and melodic. It continues with all themes of the piece so far on an almost subconscious level.

The drums remain, hitting hard and pushing the sound forward but never adding too much haste or aggression to offset the calming and hazy mood.

Between each section is an expertly crafted instrumental, always conscious of what is before and after and delivering with absolute sincerity for the appropriate feel – forming a narrative of highs and lows, of intensity and and static.

The final chorus section follows an instrumental break that strips back the driving elements of the piece and builds into a peak. Introducing a lead guitar to highlight the melodic work and elaborate on the slightly fuzzy trailing tones of the bass.

‘Time I Spent I’ll Never Get Back’ perfectly executes itself as an emotional, theatrical and melancholic composition of contemporary instrumentation and production. A track I will enjoy again in my personal playlists.

  • Overall rating: 9.5/10
  • Pairs well with: Pure Gardiya – Nicholas Allbrook

About Gumshoe

From the glorious lands of North-West England comes Gumshoe. Making his first release (pre-Gumshoe) at 17, welcomed with comparisons the Joy Division and other dark, post-punk sounds, he had a diverse taste for music and draws influence from all of these.

After a surprise release in 2020 of ‘The Big Sleep’, Gumshoe may be returning for another release any time now.

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