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What is Artist Development?

There are lots of different aspects that are important for your career as an artist, including music management and promotion. One of the most important processes in defining who you are as an artist is learning how to develop as an artist and that’s where Artist Development comes in.

Working with an experienced team will allow you to grow your brand and understand where you sit in the market, as well as helping you navigate the industry and discover lots of new opportunities. Gaining a better understanding of you and your career.

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How to find an Artist Development deal

You don’t have too look far… you’re already in the right place! Our mission is to empower creatives and this is something that we’ve been doing for years by offering you tools, effective music promotion, sync licensing representation, music collaboration opportunities and much more. Now we’re taking it one step further by offering a dedicated Artist Development program!

We’ve built a strong reputation in the music industry for offering the opportunity of growth and development to artists. We’ve worked with artists who are just starting their careers, all the way up to Grammy-nominated producers. We’re here to level the playing field, and improve your chances of success.

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Our Artist Development Program & Artist Development Services

Our Artist Development Program has been built by industry professionals, designed with their real-world experience to help you get the most out of your program and develop your career. Our team of dedicated artist producers and managers have previously worked with the likes of The 1975, Young T & Bugsey, Joss Stone and Ghetts, as well as working for GRM Daily, Kerrang, Sony and Ministry of Sound… to name just a few!!

Our program cover core areas such as:

  • Branding
  • Songwriting
  • Music Production
  • Promotion/Marketing
  • Networking
  • Live Performance
  • Vocal Ability

We understand that no two artists are the same, so we tailor each program with artist development services specifically to suit your needs. Our program can run on a monthly basis where you’ll have a dedicated producer and coach who will mentor you, along with receiving one-to-one sessions with industry experts. You’ll also have the option to partner this with additional studio time and some music promotion.

Prices start from as low as £150 per month for artist development and £200 for studio development.

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Apply for Artist Development & Studio Development

Because our Artist Development Program is tailored to suit the needs of each individual, it doesn’t matter what stage of your career you’re at or what it is you need help with. Whether you’re just starting out, looking to get more time in the studio or are looking to refine your existing brand, our team of experts can help. All we ask is that you have the drive, passion and commitment to grow as an artist.

We simply need a few bits of info to get started. Please submit your details via the “Apply” button below, and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss the next steps with you. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to level up!

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“Music Gateway are always a pleasure to work with - dedicated and diligent in the work they do and the results they achieve speak for themselves.”

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Alex (Darling Boy)

Recording artist

“I am having an amazing experience with music gateway writing and recording my songs. Everything is very professional and I am looking forward to what this year will bring”

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Recording artist

“Thanks to the Artist Development team I succeeded in finding that ideal niche where my eclectic profile perfectly fits the music market demands”

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Amónada Zeon

Recording artist

“The sessions I've had with Kidda Beats have given me some insights into the music industry that I'm already benefiting from and using to grow myself as an artist”

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Stefan Donchev

Recording artist

“I had the pleasure of working with Future Music Management and it was an unforgettable experience for me! They are very professional and helped me grow into the artist I am today”

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Sara Vukaylov

Recording artist

“Music Gateway has helped me transform my music career and help me achieve the goals i couldn’t do on my own”

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Jordan Nelson

Recording artist

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The Academy

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The Academy is a video led e-learning platform which offers courses and modules along with access to weekly webinars with industry experts and additional content for development and learning. The platform perfectly compliments Music Gateway’s other services - supporting the professional growth of artists.

You will also have the opportunity to receive 1-2-1 consultations with mentors to help create a roadmap for your development.

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Artist Development Management

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As an artist, having a strong team around you can really help you to grow and develop. An artist manager helps you to navigate the industry and has the ability to open up new opportunities and push your career to new heights.

We have a team of industry managers who will be able to help guide you through the next stages of your journey. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced artist looking for support taking your next steps, we’ll match you with the perfect manager for you.

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Music promotion, radio airplay, DSP playlists & music marketing

Amplify and enhance your music industry career with our dedicated music promotion team. Get your music played on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, radio, TV and more to ultimately grow your fan reach exponentially!

Relationships with the gatekeepers are key and we've established ourselves as a trusted partner delivering quality campaigns to influencers, curators, digital platforms and radio stations around the world.

Artists who have Artist Development with Music Gateway receive exclusive discounts on our Music Promotion services!

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Artist Development: How To Develop As A Music Artist


How much does Artist Development cost?

Pricing starts from £150 per month (€180 / $200). We tailor our fast track Artist Development Program to your needs to prepare you for future management or further development – so have a chat with a member of the team to find out more.

What will I learn?

Our program is tailored to your needs and ambitions as an artist. We have songwriters, producers, branding experts and artist managers all ready and waiting to help you develop!

Who will be my manager?

We have got a great team of artist development managers waiting to work with exciting new talent. We will always match you with the best manager for your genre, experience and skill set – however we also want you to feel comfortable with who you work with, as it’s a big step in your career development. 

Will I become famous?

No one can ever guarantee fame – and if fame is your motivation, you’re getting into the industry for the wrong reason!

Can you help me get a record deal, publisher, booking agent etc?

We will work with you to help you achieve your goals. We will work with you to set realistic targets so that you can monitor your progress towards your end ambition.

Do you listen to my music and give advice?

Of course! We want to help you get the best out of your music – so we will offer you tailored advice to help develop your career and your music. 

Will I get connected to other professionals in the industry to further my career in music?

Yes 100%, when you are ready we will help introduce you to Music Producers, Studios, Songwriters, Record Labels, Music Publishers and even traditional high level management if you want to go down that route.

Can you help me get gigs?

Honing in on your talent can only lead to positives. With support and guidance along the way, we have no doubt you’ll be booking gigs for live performance – Good music gets gigs!

Artist Development Deals

The term ‘Artist Development Deal’ conjures up a lot of connotations in music business. Generally, artists who were signed early in their careers and had time to develop and hone their craft – like Kate Bush – spring to mind (Bush was signed to EMI aged just 11 after Pink Flloyd’s David Gilmour helped produce her demo but she was 19 before her chart-topping debut single was released). 

However, in the modern music industry artist development has evolved, and there is a growing trend of labels, agents and managers looking to work with artists where most of the legwork is already done and some career milestones have already been achieved.

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What Is Artist Development?

What is Artist Development in music? Artist Development is the term given to the process of transforming a great artist with talent into a sustainable business through artist development programmes. A good artist developer will be looking to enhance an artists’ skill set across the full spectrum of the business. 

This might include the development of the product, focussing the artist on developing their songwriting, musicianship, stage performance, etc to sky-rocket their music career. But it could also be developing an artists’ knowledge and skills around the business aspects – helping them learn about royalties, contracts, balance sheets, accounting, PR and plugging. 

It could be ensuring they know how to price their merchandise, what kinds of margins to aim at, how to make sure their social media presence is engaging and working in their favour. Or, how to make sure their Spotify profile is optimised and that their songs have a good chance of getting on popular playlists to ensure the growth of their brand. 

How To Develop As A Music Artist

Music Gateway’s new artist development program has been created by industry professionals, designed with their real-world experience to help artists grow and develop their career.

The program is a suite of artist development services designed to help manage an artist’s career with one-to-one advice covering branding, A&R, PR, Social Media Presence and Digital Marketing. 

Music Gateway’s mantra of empowering independent artists is at the core of the service offering and the Artist Development Program allows artists to get advice on how to improve their look and their branding before connecting with key industry producers and creatives but after they’ve finished recording music.

There is also a music promotion service via Music Gateway’s dedicated music promotion team which helps break down the traditional barriers to key playlists, radio and TV through Music Gateway’s direct relationships with music industry gatekeepers.

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Artist Development Services

Choosing the right music artist development services is imperative to your growth as an artist or musician. That’s where Music Gateway comes in. Our team of dedicated artist managers have previously worked with the likes of The 1975, Young T & Bugsey, Joss Stone and Ghetts, as well as working for GRM Daily, Kerrang, Sony and Ministry of Sound… to name just a few!!

We cover core areas such as Branding, Songwriting, Music Production, Promotion/Marketing, Networking and Live Performance. Plus we can put you in touch with music publishers, vocal coaches and more. Our promotions team can work on getting your music played on radio stations, explain how recording studios will work for recording artists, discussing record labels and record deals. You’ll never feel in the dark during the development process. Prices start from as low as £200 per month. Propel your career today!

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Our Final Thoughts On Artist Development

Having talent and great songs will always be the magic ingredient in the music industry, but the truth is, that whilst the internet has empowered artists in a revolutionary way, it has also led to the saturation of the marketplace. 

Modern artists now need to have more than just talent on their side, and an artist development program empowers musicians to grow their careers and reach key milestones under their own steam. Which in turn affords the opportunity to choose your own path – whether that is working directly with labels or staying independent, or a mixture of the two. 

If you’d like to learn more about Music Gateway’s artist development deal, simply scroll up, you’ll be a grammy nominated artist in no time!

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