Another Successful Sync Placement For Netflix Original Film Close

Written by Oli De St Croix

14 March 2019

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Another successful sync placement for Netflix original film Close

It’s with great excitement we announce another successful sync placement! We’d like to congratulate JP for securing a successful placement on our platform with his track Middle. The track is featured on the Netflix original film Close, which aired worldwide on the 18th January.

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Close follows the story of Sam, a bodyguard and counter-terrorism expert. Sam takes up a job which involves protecting Zoe, who’s heiress to a fortune. Neither party is very keen on the arrangement, until a violent kidnapping attempt shakes things up…

Watch the trailer for Close here:

This sync license success is also a big achievement for Jim Meacock and Mark Garfield at Pop-Up Music, whose already-impressive catalogue is growing at a rapid rate!

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