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Case Studies

NBC Universal: Successful Sync Placement for Roy Music Agency

Photograph of the blog post author, Music Gateway Team

Music Gateway Team


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NBC Universal

NBC Universal – Sync Placement Success

Arnaud Gimat at Roy Music Agency based in Paris, France secured a successful sync placement. This was in Season 5, Episode 1 of hit US reality TV show Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. The US show is produced by NBC Universal and aired on the Bravo TV network across the United States.

The Roy Music Agency is home to some of the best French talent available. They have a track record of securing sync placements.

“It’s a pleasure to work with Arnaud and the quality music his company represents. Glad we could secure a sync placement for one of his artists named. Sounds Like Moving and their song Away”, said Jack Skates, Head of Sync at Мusic Gateway.

The episode aired in June 2018. EP1 kicked off on a Thursday with cocktails, a red carpet, a pregnancy test and some contentious pastries.

NBC Universal

An Introduction to Sync and Music Supervisors

A well-placed sync as we can see from above, can change your career; take Simple Minds, it was the mid-80s and they had just released their album ‘Sparkle in the Rain’. Without the digital social channels now available to all artists, you had to work really hard to build a global audience.

For this Scottish group who had made waves at home in the UK, the US market was proving more difficult. There was an opportunity to record a track for John Hughes’ new movie – The Breakfast Club, however they initially refused the opportunity.

Thankfully for Simple Minds, John Hughes and the rest of the world who now love this incredible song, they changed their minds. ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’ was a hit worldwide, as was the film, and gave Simple Minds their only No.1 hit in the US throughout their career.

Getting your music / sound recording master placed in TV or film can be ground-breaking for emerging artists. Depending on the placement, the exposure alone can propel your career and sync royalties are a handy bonus. So, who do you talk to?

Interested in placing music into film, TV, trailers and seeking representation? You can find out more about how Мusic Gateway helped secure this license, learn more here.


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