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LiveXLive Review

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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Have you been searching the internet for LiveXLive reviews to help you decide whether it’s the best platform for you?  Or maybe you’ve seen the LiveXLive logo cropping up and have been asking yourself ‘what is LiveXLive?’

Well, however you’ve found your way here, sit back, relax and read on as we answer your questions about LiveXLive and help you decide whether it’s worth your time.

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LiveXLive – an overview

LiveXLive is a music and video streaming platform that was originally launched in 2007 as Slacker Radio. More recently, LiveXLive has undergone another rebranding, becoming known as ‘LiveOne’.

As the name would suggest, LiveXLive has a focus on Live content and gives its user access to several exclusive livestreams.

However you wish to refer to it, LiveXLive has a wide variety of features to offer its user and offers a slightly different experience from your most obvious music streaming platforms like Spotify or Pandora.

Like many of its competitors, LiveXLive works as a freemium platform.  This means that the service offers non-paying users a more basic, limited experience.  On the other hand, the paying subscribers get special treatment, being able to access exclusive content and an enhanced experience. 

A person live streaming a concert

What features does LiveXLive have?

When you arrive on the new and improved LiveXLive home page, you’re met with an easy-to-navigate screen. This contains featured videos and series that you may wish to watch.  At the top of the page, you see the headings ‘Events’, ‘Videos’ and ‘My library’.

The events page contains a list of previous live streams and links to future live streams that are exclusive to the LiveXLive platform.  The video page contains streams of chat shows, music performances, and general entertainment news.  Finally, the ‘my library’ page is pretty self-explanatory and is the space where you can begin to make your stations.

The music streaming aspect of LiveXLive is very easy to use and similar to the offerings of many other platforms.  The user can make customised radio stations containing their desired tracks.  The experience can be enhanced by liking or disliking a song.  This allows LiveXLive to better evaluate your musical tastes and make more accurate suggestions. 

The platform also offers use across a variety of devices.  For a more immersive experience, the platform can also be accessed through LiveXLive Chromecast.

A woman listening to music through headphones

What are the subscription options?

Firstly, you can have a basic subscription.  This is completely free and still gives you a good variety of features to use.  

The basic subscription gives the user the option to access ready-made, pre-curated stations as one would expect.  However, it also comes with several limitations.  

The LiveXLive basic subscription comes with limited skips which may be frustrating.  To compromise the experience even more, this package also comes with the unwelcome addition of ads.  These features, paired with a lesser audio quality of 128 kpbs may be off-putting for some.  Fortunately, there are other options available.

The next tier up is the LiveXLive plus subscription.  This comes with all of the desirable features offered by their basic version, with the addition of unlimited skips, the removal of ads, and increased audio quality of 320 kpbs.  This comes in at a fairly reasonable $2.99 per month and seems to eliminate all of the basic plan’s shortcomings.

LiveXLive’s final subscription option is their premium package.  This comes with the features boasted by basic and plus with the exclusive option to play on-demand and listen offline.  This option seems perfect for those who are on the go and perhaps don’t have a constant internet connection.  However, this option is a bit pricier costing the user $9.99 per month.

The LiveXLive app

Like most music streaming platforms, LiveXLive is also available as an app.  The app shared the features experienced on the desktop version of the platform but also includes ads for the non-paying user. 

The app is available on both iOS and Android so it’s more than likely it is compatible with your device.

An extra feature that the app has is the addition of music news.  This might appeal to those who want an all-inclusive app that covers several areas of the music industry.

LiveXLive vs Spotify

Let’s take a minute to compare LiveXLive with music streaming giant, Spotify.

Both platforms work on a freemium model, meaning that they offer a basic version of their platform with more features addable for the paying user.  The free versions of both Spotify and LiveXLive come with the addition of ads which can be quite intrusive at times.  They also come with a limited number of skips.  Whether you can tolerate this is simply down to personal preference.

A key difference between the platforms is that on LiveXLive, you choose a general station to begin playing, rather than a specific song.  You just have to hope that eventually the song that you want to listen to pops up on the station.  This greatly contrasts with Spotify’s approach giving all users the chance to access the exact track they wish to listen to.  If you want to discover new music LiveXLive seems like the desirable option, but if you’re more decisive and know exactly what you like, Spotify might be preferable.

Each platform offers suggestions, meaning that you can tailor radio stations to your tastes.  To personalise your listening experience Spotify and LiveXLive give you the options to like and dislike tracks.

LiveXLive gives the user something slightly different from Spotify in its addition of livestreams.

LiveXLive vs Pandora

LiveXLive and Pandora probably have more in common than LiveXLive and Spotify.  Both services allow you to curate radio stations by offering suggestions, rather than allowing the user to directly search for a track.

Both platforms see the addition of like and dislike options to finely tune the algorithm and make your suggestions more relevant.

LiveXLive and Pandora both operate as freemium services.  Both services offer unlimited skips and the removal of ads as you begin to pay a subscription fee.  LiveXLive’s top package and Pandora’s Premium package offer offline listening, and both charge the same price of $9.99 per month for individual use.

One key difference is LiveXLive’s focus on live streaming which Pandora cannot compete with.  Pandora has dabbled in live streaming with its introduction of Pandora Live, but live streaming is at the heart of LiveXLive and will not be rivalled.

Our final thoughts…

LiveXLive has a lot to offer as a music streaming platform and offers its user something extra in the form of regular live streaming which is yet to be challenged by the likes of Spotify or Pandora.

However, what you look for in a music streaming platform is entirely up to you.  Some may prefer a platform where you can directly search for songs, while others prefer to encounter new music on a suggestions-based platform.  Whatever your preference, we hope we’ve shown you some valuable options and that you are more clear in your search for the perfect music streaming platform.

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