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Music Promotion

How To Create An EPK To Get You Noticed

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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What is an EPK for a music artist and why is it so vital to their career? If you want to know what a music EPK template looks like, what exactly you need to include on your EPK, and how important it is in terms of promoting your music, then just keep reading to find out more.  

What Is An EPK In Music? 

Let’s take a look at what an epk in music is, what does this mean exactly? An EPK – an electronic press kit – is going to demonstrate who you are as a band or solo artist in terms of your music career. Think of it like a treatment for a film. Industry professionals, agents, promoters, managers etc., want to see you and showcase your music so they book you for that next gig. EPK in music is like a Spotlight page for actors, where all their info is on one link – and it helps industry professionals decide if they want to work with them. The higher the standard of your EPK, the better impression you will make. 

It needs to include any links to your music, website, music videos, tour dates etc, anything you feel that would be relevant they need to see.  What do you want them to see and make sure you as the band comes across in this one document. You can only make a first impression once, so make it count.  

What Are The Benefits Of An EPK

It will include everything that will be sent to press and since your social media platforms will be geared towards your fans, an EPK is more for the industry people. You will use an EPK when applying to festivals, bar shows, showcases and when you are looking for representation with an agent or manager etc. So make sure that you keep it as professional as possible. 

How To Make a Music EPK

So what do you include in your EPK and what does an EPK music template look like? They are the new way to get access to those industry professionals, so make sure that yours incorporates all the following:  

Band Biography

What have you been doing as a band, and who are you? Prospective agents, managers and bookers want to get a vibe of who they may want to book and take on as a client, so give them a little bio of yourself. So include when your band was formed, and where and how often you play at gigs etc. Talk about what you want to achieve in about 2-3 paragraphs and why you need them in order to get you there. You are in a sense promoting, selling yourself in the best way. Why do you love being in your band? Make it clear to them why you love what you do. 

This is of course key, as any agent, promoter will want to listen to your music, as well as knowing who you are as a band. Have you got links on YouTube, Spotify or Soundcloud? Include your most recent songs and whether you are an independent artist or a little further along in your career, clearly set out the best songs you think they need to hear. Make it really easy for them to listen to songs you have recorded, as they may not have time to listen to everything. Maybe offer a free download to promoters as part of the press package? 

Music Videos

Have you created a music video recently which you think someone should see? Well then definitely include it on the EPK. It will give a good idea of what you can do technically and creatively as artists, as music videos are a visual representation of your style, narrative as an artist. 

Social Media

As everybody knows, people look at your social media nowadays more than ever and your brand ethos needs to match that of your social media presence. I have already mentioned links to your songs, and music videos, so it is best to include these on social media platforms and keep it as up-to-date as possible. How many followers have you got and is there a way to better promote your pages and grow your following? Of course with more gigs, a manager this will all grow itself in time, but if you can build a true representation from the start, this will help you a great deal 

High-Res Photos

When you are looking at press packages for artists, high resolution images are going to help you get on the side of these music industry professionals. Once again, like the music videos, they want to see you and what you look like. Would they want to represent you also based on what you look like even if you have created some killer tunes? Do you have any promotional photos that were taken at your last gig, then add these in. If not then maybe if you have time and money, you could always organize a photoshoot for the band? Include both hi-res (300 dpi) and lo-res (72 dpi) versions, 600 pixels wide at a minimum. Also, if you have a band logo – if you are at that stage, then people will want to see this as well, so it will be easier to promote you at a gig going forward. 

Album Art

Now this may not be the most important aspect of the EPK, but if you have an example of an amazing album cover you created, then add it into your EPK. Your music, photos and music videos need to shine first but it doesn’t hurt to see an example of maybe what they could help you create again further down the line as your manager. People will be able to see furthermore what you stand for and what you are trying to put out there.  


A website for a band is crucial, as this is where all your info is going to be, including up-to-date gig dates, band bio, and a more in-depth exploration of your band. Live performances are what industry professionals want to see you have experience in, so they can further promote you. 

Testimonials And Reviews

Reviews of your band can really help you land another gig or that manager you have been wanting for a while. They help you progress in your career as it shows you are growing as an artist and people like you and your music. Where have you performed so far, and would the venue write a review for you if they haven’t done so already? Any press coverage and quotes  that you have as an artist, need to be seen on your EPK. It will boost your band further and are easy promoting tools which PR companies can use further down the line as well when they work with you. 

Contact Details

Once you have created your EPK, all your contact info needs to be up-to-date and you need to be reachable, otherwise it will have all been for nothing. So phone number and email are the most important to include in your EPK and this goes for all band members. 

Final Concept 

Now you have created your EPK template, and you have really thought about the layout and it looks good enough to send out. Amazing news! You can use this going forward to create further EPKs or you go back in and tweak it as and when you need to. That’s the beauty of an EPK. It is not set in stone. You may find you create different EPK templates for different goals. For example, you may be releasing a new album or single, or you may be a very new artist hoping to book their next gig. We are all at different stages of our career, but as long as you keep your EPK up-to-date, you will be fine. 

Difference Between Traditional Press Kits And An EPK 

If you were to send out traditional press kits you would rely on physical press kits like merch, records and promotional materials. These would then be mailed out and it takes time, whereas for an EPK it is much easier to send to venues, potential agents and managers as all of your information is in one place – in one document and it takes less time and effort. And of course EPKs are less expensive, are more cutting edge and can still make a lasting impression on the listener. Technology has advanced so much over the years that EPKs are so popular and easier to create now if you have all the info to hand and you have kept everything I mentioned above up-to-date. This is a must so as and when you need to send out your EPK once again, then it shouldn’t take you long to update it. 

A good music EPK example is one that gives the artist the flexibility to change something if they need to, if it isn’t working for them. For example, a music video that you want to replace with a more current and edgy one, or your latest single that got rave reviews when you performed it a few weeks back. To book shows, invest time and effort into your EPK and you will thank me, as it is all about self-promotion offered in a more accessible and tailor-made way. It has never been easier now to put you and your music out there.  

Closing Thoughts

So what do you do now with all the info we have given you? Well go and create your own incredible EPK for starters, but maybe you have done this and you need to know what to do next. Research venues, managers, agents and see where it can be sent to book your next gig. A live resume, so industry, media, and talent buyers can see you and what you stand for 24/7 is what is going to get you noticed. Good luck!

Would you like some more hands-on help with crafting your brand and getting together everything you need to create a stunning EPK? Our Artist Development and Music Promotion team is here to help!
If you’ve got your EPK ready to go and are now looking for opportunities, now is the best time to get in touch with booking agents, record labels, press, music publishers and more via our demo submissions tool! You can find many more opportunities with Мusic Gateway, for example in getting your music in film and TV. Try it yourself for free now!


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