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Music Gateway Success Stories – Islah Ibrahim

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For now MG is exactly what it is supposed to be for me – the gateway for my music.”

Islah Ibrahim

Music Gateway prides itself on the progress our members make whilst on their journeys with us. At our core, it’s the musicians, producers, record labels, artists, managers, and many more, who make up this great network of international skill, ready for licensing or release into the industry. 

Our members’ success and collaboration with our in-house professionals grows from strength to strength and continues with one of many Game Changer account holders, Islah Ibrahim. Do you want to know how Music Gateway has helped Islah and his music journey? Stay with us to find out!  

Islah is one of many international members who use our platform and from the comfort of his studio in Malaysia, Islah was able (despite the pandemic) to write, collaborate, produce and distribute his music through the Music Gateway platform.

Islah is a great example of how his work grew with this account, working closely with specialists and professionals to get his work off the ground and heard by large audiences” 

Marcus Power, Account Manager at Music Gateway

Like many of our members, Islah’s strong background in music stems from both his education and his continued professional career. Graduating from university with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music, Islah has learned to play a variety of different instruments playing with bands that toured in North California, then finally returning home to do studio sessions for album releases including compositions for television, advertising and radio

Islah opened his own studio in 1991, winning many awards and was nationally recognised for his composition that was used in the opening launch of the Commonwealth Games in 1998. Since then, Islah has been working on various private projects before eventually joining Music Gateway in March 2021. 

“Despite my previous success, I constantly felt unable to fit in with the local music industry due to the style of writing, type of compositions and range of musical arrangements I produced. So I decided to try showcasing my music elsewhere, to see if my works are of merit, are accepted, and appreciated. Music Gateway has been so helpful and supportive.  I am sure they have lots and lots of talents to manage and handle, but they still manage to spend some time attending to me.  With their assistance, I managed to complete a few productions, working remotely with artists.”

Islah Ibrahim

After in-depth discussions around his vision with his Account Manager, Islah booked a sync session to get his journey within the sync world moving. Our platform gives premium account holders exclusive and unlimited access to our portal where industry giants such as Netflix, Apple, Universal Studios, Amazon Prime and many others select the tracks they need for their productions.

Holding a Game Changer account gives you priority within our portal and Islah took full advantage of this benefit, uploading his catalogue of music and collaborating with others to create tracks that were suitable for TV, Film and Advertising. 

“Our members have the ability to connect and network with other artists, producers, composers and labels to collaborate and create music with people across the globe. Examples such as Islah is one of many creatives who engage daily with Music Gateway, empowering them to do what they do best as musicians”

Marcus Power, Account Manager

Using the projects and opportunities tab within your profile, members can reach out to creatives around the world, to collaborate and create pieces suitable for licensing or promotions. Islah used two members for toplines that he needed for tracks that have now been submitted within the sync and distribution portals. 

Collaborating with other artists allows Islah to create different genres and styles of music, our platform enabled Islah to connect with Louise Golbey (professional vocalist in the UK) and Michelle Dowd (a professional vocalist also from the UK) to finish the tracks he needed. 

It’s fair to say members feel that Music Gateway offers them a home for their music. The music industry can be so difficult when you are trying to get your music to stand out, which is why Music Gateway offers an extra door of opportunities for all of the creative industry. Music Gateway offers you the chance to showcase your music with other musical talents all over the world. The door is always open here and we will always be there for constant support when you need it. 

“This is the first time I have had managers, it feels good.”

Islah Ibrahim

Here at Music Gateway, we manage and look after a lot of musicians, artists, and labels,  however, we will always try our best to support all of our talent individually and work on their personal needs as closely as we can. Through Islah’s contact with his account manager, we were able to put him forward for Artist Development which was accepted by the talent team. Islah now works with industry-leading professionals to build on his compositions and tracks worthy of promotions.

We are so proud to help our members on their way to achieving their goals, empowering them with the advice, tools, and contacts they need to be heard in such a big and loud industry. 

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